April 20, 2009

Schizophrenic Hair, Mowing, and Being Lost

We had a beautiful weekend here in Houston.  Saturday it poured down rain all day long.  It was dark and stormy - perfect for procrastinating and curling up in bed with a book.  My problem is that I am currently trying to work my way through a very long Russian novel and kept falling asleep, but it was glorious!  

Sunday it was all sunshine - no humidity.  That means I got to morph from curly hair on Saturday to straight on Sunday.  I love it when the weather allows me to have schizophrenic hair.  

Sunday was also a right of passage day for G, our 10 year old.  He officially mowed the yard, front and back, for the first time under the watchful eye of his dad.  It was not completely voluntary since he is working off what he owes Scot for losing some of his tools.  

Apparently one day, the empty field near our house was calling G's name so he gathered up a gaggle of friends, some of Scot's tools, and off they went to play their own version of Mythbusters.  Can you really dig a hole to China??   Um, yeah, they made a gallant effort, but much to their dismay, there was no sign of a rickshaw at the bottom of that hole.  Unfortunately, the project was abandoned before tools were returned to the garage so now G is faced with the reality of paying his dad back.  I tend to have a much softer heart for these kinds of things so I had to back off and let Scot deal with it.  Now, leave a bunch of dirty socks and underwear on the floor?  That's when the curly haired me comes out.........watch out!

We seem to have a new member of our family.  At least temporarily.  There was a very sweet dog wandering around Saturday night.  She was still outside yesterday and spent all day playing with the neighborhood kids.  We ended up volunteering to keep her in our backyard until we could find her owners.  As we were walking the dog to her temporary digs, it was all my neighbors could do to not start chanting, "Dead dog walking".  Some of you may remember Buddy and his ultimate demise.   I promised that this sweet dog, that has been named Abby by my youngest, would live to see tomorrow.  Help me Jesus.  

If you have been reading this blog for anytime at all, you know that I just flat out can not help but read into every day situations.  Be grateful you don't live in my head......it can be an incredibly noisy place!

My heart just bleeds for these animals that are lost or orphaned.  I have felt the same way so many times.  Wandering around from place to place, trying to fit in and look cute, just so someone will choose me.  Take care of me.  Love on me just a little bit.  I spent years looking for my security in everyone's approval of me.  I don't like conflict and even surrounded by friends, my day can be ruined by one person's disapproval of me.  

It was about a year and a half ago that I got a real talkin' to.  

When will I be enough for you?

That one question continues to resonate in my head.  Is He really enough for me?  If all my friends turned their back on me tomorrow, would I wander around hoping someone would take me in or would I know that He is enough for me.

My sweet Jesus, you are my portion and my strength.  You are enough for me.


  1. Amen & Amen. My head gets pretty noisy as well (as if you could not tell)!

  2. It's interesting that God reads into everyday situations, just like you, Keri. And that's why he sends an Abby along every once in a while -- tangible reminders of who He is and who we are. (I know she's in good hands, and I'm sure Barnes is happy to have a young female around!)

    xoxo to you!

  3. Hey Keri!
    I'm not real sure - but that may be our lost dog from...hmmm...let me think....hmmm...about 1988. Seriously - we had a dog named Barney that escaped from our backyard in the spring of 1988 and was never seen again!! He looked just like that dog! But wait - if that dog has been temporarily named Abby by your son - well, then maybe it's not Barney - cause Barney was a boy-dog and Abby is usually a girl-dog name! Guess we better keep looking!! ha!

  4. Aww, stray animals make me really sad too! I could never volunteer at a shelter, because by the end of the day there would be no animals left...they'd all have been adopted. By me. :P

  5. Schizophrenic hair- you crack me up. And that is the EXACT reason why I could never live in Houston!

    Hope you have a great week!


  6. Hey there. Hi again.

    To get you more involved in this blogging world..... I have an award for you over on my latest post! Have fun!!




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