April 14, 2009

Friend Making Monday......on a Tuesday

There are a ton of Theme Days floating around out there in blogger world.  This is one I really like the idea of.  Kasey over at All That Is Good came up with the idea of Friend Making Monday.  Now, I am very aware that it is Tuesday, but stick with me here.  Kasey comes up with an idea or question for everyone to write about and then we all post our blogs on hers and we can go visiting each other.  It's fun because the topic is different every week, it keeps things interesting.

Last night I decided to jump in on this since one of my most favorite people participates.  I sat down at the computer with a peanut butter egg and a glass of water.  iTunes playing in the background, I crack my knuckles and wait for the inspiration to descend.  The theme this week? 
Tell about one of the best pieces of advice you've ever received.

I have been on the receiving end of some really good advice in my lifetime so I start writing.  The post gets longer and longer and I realize I am rambling.  It's not funny.....not even particularly inspiring.  I did something I never do, I saved the post so I could re-read it today and post it. 

After reading the craziness I wrote last night I officially settled on the best piece of advice I've ever received.

Think before you speak.

Groundbreaking?  No.  Will the blogger people go nuts telling all their friends to read my incredible piece of advice because their lives will be forever changed?  No.  We have all heard it before.

In fact, if you are like me, you probably heard this the first time you got busted in the girl's bathroom at school for talking trash about someone who then proceeds to walk out of the stall and catch you red-faced.  This piece of advice has been hard learned for me.  I have spent a lot of time walking around with an adorable slingback heel sticking out of my mouth.

I now preach this to my boys and practice it a lot with everyone in my life.  I do continue to slip-up, but have definitely gotten better.  Last night is one example.  You should all be thanking God that I "saved" before I "published".  I am.


  1. Ok, Keri, I'm challenging you to stick with it until atleast day 4. Lighten up on the cayenne if you have to. Did you read my suggestion for downing the saltwater? Also, try making a LEmonade Icy in the blnder!!

  2. Super-good advice that I wish I could say I had mastered at the age of 38, but sadly, no... You always impress me by knowing exactly what to say -- I think you've done a great job of following this advice!

    So glad you've joined FMM. There are so many great girls participating, and you'll love getting to know them!


  3. I'm glad you jumped into the fun!! Better late than never!

    I am picturing you with that adorable slingback in your mouth- hot pick or plain black?

    Have a great week!!




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