April 27, 2009

Friend Making Monday

I have been taking myself WAAAAY too serious lately.  In an effort to lighten the mood around here, I'm going to participate in Friend Making Monday, thanks to Kasey!  Never mind that I think this is a super fun topic!!

(Please know that if you never hear from me again after this, it's because I was either electrocuted by my computer in this torrential rain, or our house floated away.  It is CRAZY storming outside right now!!)

We are taking all 5 senses and naming 4 things about each that we love and 1 that we dislike.

I love Cheese Chile Rellenos from Chuy's with creamy jalapeno sauce poured on top.  It is heavenly.........
I love Diet Coke.  If I'm splurging, I get a large Diet Coke with Lime from Sonic.  
I love popcorn with M&Ms thrown in.  
I love birthday cake.......buttercream frosting only, please.  I'll take the corner piece with the huge flower on it.  

(Notice not a veggie or fruit in the list.........that may explain the extra 20 pounds I'm carrying around in the form of a muffin top.  For the record, I do love a good salad, and almost every kind of fruit there is.  I'm just being honest here.....)

I dislike mystery meat.  That means any kind of meat that is brown when it could be white (chicken) or parts of the animal that could be donated to a fellow animal in the organ donor program (no livers or hearts for me.....UGH).  I don't like shredded chicken, ground round (what part of the cow is the Round?), meat with fat still on it, ligaments, or veins still attached.  All of it is mystery meat to me.

I love the sound of my boys laughing.  This usually means someone in the near vicinity has burped or pooted, but I love it all the same.
I love 80's rock and good praise and worship music.......all kinds! 
As a Speech Therapist, I love hearing a patient speak when they have been robbed of their communication by an injury.  More than once, I've had the privilege of calling a wife or husband on the phone and holding it up to my patient so they can utter one or two words.  
I love silence.  When I'm home alone, I don't have the TV on....rarely do I have music on.  I just like the quiet.

I dislike the sound of parents ridiculing or humiliating their children.

I love to see my boy's faces when they are sleeping.  
I love to see a boarding pass in my hand.  That means I'm going somewhere and that makes me happy!
I love to see my house clean.  When I tell you that I come unraveled when it's messy, I mean completely UNDONE!!!  That would partially be the reason for the 20 min crying session in my closet this past Sunday.  Throw in some hormones and feeling overwhelmed and it was ugly...
I love to see storm clouds rolling in for a chance at a good stormy day!

I dislike seeing any movie that involves war of any kind.

I love the feel of my mom's hand or cheek on my face.  There's just nothing like it.
I love the way clean sheets together with freshly shaved legs feel.  HEAVEN!!
I love the cracking open of a spine when starting a new book.
I love feeling two arms wrapped around me......whoever those arms might belong to!

I dislike touching bugs of every single kind.

I love the smell of a pot roast in the crock pot.
I love the smell of newborn babies.
I love the smell of fresh off the beach.
I love the way my man smells.........ooohh baby!

I hate the smell of poop.

Ok, there it is.  I will think of all kinds of different things tonight that I didn't think of while sitting here wondering how I'm going to get my boy's home when our street is flooding........hmmmm.


  1. Ohhh!! You have some good ones! Love Chuy's creamy jalapeno dressing on just about ANYTHING!! ANd I totally love silence- especially after the hustle to get the kids & hubby out the door by 7 am....silence in my house is heavenly!

    We are having crazy weather here too! Stay afloat my friend!


  2. I like the one about your moms hand toughing your face. So sweet! Hope the rain stops for you and you don't get washed out:)
    Have a great week!

  3. Loved this! Ditto to the clean sheets and popcorn with M&Ms...it's a must have with a movie around here! We have so much in common. Hope you got your boys home safe and sound!

  4. p.s. I didn't see your followers widget...did I miss it or do you not have one on here? I wanna come back and visit! I love your blog and liked what you said in your profile. Beautiful!

  5. Hi Keri,
    I hope the storm passes without too much damage! I enjoyed your list, and it's nice to meet you!
    I'm with you on the meat with veins, ligaments, etc. I can't stand chicken breast with that hard, white, thingamagig in it. Hate it!!! I don't like cutting it out either, but I do.

    Silence. Oh so little around here. But lovely, when it happens.

    I hope you have a great week!

  6. Great answers!!! Sleeping children are so precious!!! You are adorable, glad you joined in!

    Have a wonderful night!


  7. I almost put freshly shaven legs lol! Love your list and thanks for stopping by come back soon!


  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! I totally agree with the mystery meat thing! You're too funny!
    Oh, and I forgot 80's music on my list! I love 80's music! Have a wonderful night!

  9. Hello Kary, I find your blog funny and unique. I like your list of likes and dislikes.
    Have a wonderful night!

  10. What happened to the girl who knew every single Caesar salad in Houston?! I have to say that one of my favorite things is sitting across a table talking with you for hours over a good meal and some yummy cocktails. We haven't done that in way too long!

    Hope you've dried out -- Dallas weather was pretty bad today too...

  11. I love silence, too! ;-) I'm not sure if I'd met you before, but I'm happy to meet you. And I am thinking perhaps God led me here, as my son is just beginning speech therapy. Maybe, if you're open to it, I could talk to you sometime. Anyway, again, it's nice to meet you! :-) Great lists!

  12. LOVE this! What a great idea! Hope you don't mind if I post mine on my blog sometime.

    We've had horrendous rain here, too. And getting more tonight and tomorrow...ugh. Gotta love those spring rains...the storms, not so much.

  13. I am new to the FMM and thought I'd stop by to say "hey there."

    I love the one about your mothers touch on your face. how precious. I hope my kids feel that way about my thouch on their face someday.

    I am also a fellow Texas. I was raised there...I married into the military...so not in TX anymore. :( I love chuy's. I miss so many mexican food places!

    Thanksu" for the great list. Yo put such time and thought into it...I really enjoyed reading it. :)

  14. oh my goodness, sonic drinks are the BEST!



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