April 23, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Scot's interview went great!  He was there until well after 6 (the interview started at 2:30) and will be traveling to New Orleans next week for round 2.  Unless there's another employee death of some kind............
Thank you all for your prayers!

Today is Scot's interview. He received a phone call from the HR Director of the company yesterday letting him know that he didn't need to fly to New Orleans for his interview. There had been an employee death, and the President of the company would be here in Houston to take care of arrangements surrounding The Death, and Scot would meet him here.

All I heard was "employee death" and "arrangements". I immediately start asking Scot questions......why is the President flying in for that? Did the guy die on the job? Is is a cover-up of some kind? Is this place even safe? Was it some kind of conspiracy? Do the "arrangements" involved concrete blocks, a bridge, and some deep water?

Noone has ever accused me of NOT having an active imagination, and a love for the dramatic.

Scot said , "Maybe it was just someone that was well loved in the company and the President is the kind of man that felt it was important to come pay his respects."

Oh.......ok, then. Good luck baby!

I am praying that God will speak clearly to Scot. That he will know when he leaves the interview if this is a good fit for him. I pray that Scot will find honor among men.

Rhonda, a shout out to you, my bloggy friend, for your sweet note this morning. Thank you for taking such good care of my family during your prayer time!


  1. SUCK good care of my family during your prayer time??? LOL

    Good Luck with the interview.

  2. Ok, I was totally confused when I got this comment, Misty!! Then another friend of mine emailed me and told me I may want to go in and change "suck" to "such". Geesh!!
    Thanks for the head's up!

  3. Keeping your hubby in my prayers for God's will in his interview tomorrow. And for your family as always!

  4. Hope it all went well! Praying and believing God's plan is unfolding for you guys.

  5. Believing God's plan is unfolding before you guys. At least the next step. And thanks for changing the k to h:) They need to add spell check to comments as well. I always mess it up! Keep us posted!

  6. Great update, Keri! Excited to hear about Round 2!



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