April 25, 2009


C3 was amazing!!

We had over 300 women total at the event and the entire evening flowed smoothly.  We were in awe as women poured into the building for an evening of fellowship and fun.  Never mind the incredible cupcakes we serve.  They are just ridiculous!

Kelly Minter spoke.  If you have never heard of her, she wrote the study No Other Gods.  You must get a group of friends together and do this study.  It is published by Lifeway and even has recipes at the end of each week that you can prepare for when you get together for group discussion.  This study will rock you to your core.......what things do you have in your life that you look to for fulfillment?  Those things are gods.....plain and simple, because you are not looking for fulfillment in the one true God.  

We have a committee of about 25 women and they all work their hineys off to make this event possible.  It is an incredibly cohesive group and I don't take that for granted, at all.  We were all tired and frustrated by the time we got together last night, but we stood in the entryway to the room that would hold all of those women, and we held hands and prayed as a group.  Then we prayed over every table because we knew God wanted to do an incredible work in the lives of the women there that night.  

Bottom line, what we knew all along was correct.  God was victorious.  He was honored.  He deserves all the praise. 

I love that I don't have to skip to the last page in these chapters in my life to see who wins.   I can fight the good fight, maybe come out with a couple bumps and bruises, but I know who the ultimate victor is going to be.  Even with the knowing, life can be a nail biter.  Thank God for faith and trust!

Now, I'm going to take about a week and do nothing but sleep..........yeah, right.


  1. Victory is so sweet! And Kelly Minter - how very cool:) No rest for you Warrior Princess- armor and get him again! Proud for you and honored to call you sister in Christ Jesus!
    Question - what does C3 stand for?

  2. Wow! Sounds like it was an incredible event! Wish I could have attended.

    I hope you have a restful week!!!


  3. Keri, so glad to hear that things went smoothly and that there was Victory! I'm not familiar with Kelly Minter but will go check out the study -- how cool! Wish I could have joined you. I putting it on my list of things to do... Hope you got rest this weekend!



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