April 16, 2009

Next Thursday

A week from today, Scot will be in New Orleans interviewing for a new job.  The job is located here in Houston, which makes this girl VERY happy.

The funny thing is that none of us in our little family of 4 are jumping up and down over it.  Don't get me wrong, we are excited that an opportunity has presented itself, but we have loved having Scot home.  It is a job that would require international travel, which Scot has a ton of experience in.  In fact, he's a member of Continental's Million Miler Club.  

I can honestly say that we have found joy in this trial.  We had to go looking for that joy, it did not come naturally, but we did find it.  It will be 7 weeks tomorrow since Scot lost his job.  We have watched in awe as God has provided for us.  I had recently given up my Tuesday/Thursday job at the hospital and the speech therapist that took those days over, generously gave them back to me indefinitely.  Amazingly enough, we are getting a good size refund on our taxes this year.  We have even received a Free Pizza coupon in the mail from Dominos.  Every one of those things are examples of God's provision.

Please pray for Scot next week.  Pray that he will find favor with the President of this new company.  Pray that God will speak clearly to both of us about Scot's next step.  Pray that we can persevere so that God can grow us through our circumstances.  

I thank each and every one of you for your love and support!!!


  1. Have prayed and will continue to!

  2. That is so great that your husband has a job interview! I am so excited for you all! I know what you mean though about it being nice having him home and that being nice! My hubby is a teacher so he is home in the summer and I always miss him when he goes back in the fall, but at the same time I know that it has to be done!

    I love your advice from FMM...Thinking before we speak! I agree and more people should take this advice! Have a great night!

  3. I almost paniced - she's moving?!But then I remembered that we are only new internet friends who have never actually met. Will definitely be praying for the job. Grateful for the provision God has provided. Be blessed tonight.

  4. THats great. Really GREAT actually. I know how exciting this is and for your family. Will be in prayer that all goes well.


  5. I am so happy that Scot has a job interview and I will be praying that it goes well. It is amazing to me that all it takes is faith that God will provide and he does so abundantly! The day I had my phone call in January telling me that I had been "deselected for a job", my hubby had a call for a final interview with a company he had been trying to get on with since the fall. He now has a great new job that he is enjoying. To me, it was God's way of putting his arms around me and showing me that he will always provide.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Praying for you and your family at this time!! I completely understand your feelings about him going back to work. It is sort of like after Hurricane Ike. We were all ready to have our lights on and quit living out of a ice chest and with candles. But at the same time - we were going to miss the wonderful time with family without interruptions from things like TV. We were going to miss the closeness we felt with each other and even our neighbors. So in spite of the tough stuff going on - you will actually miss this special closeness that came from the circumstances and being so excited over pizza coupons and other ways God provides!! Just do your best to hide all these memories in your heart and know that God used them to grow closer to Him and each other!!

  7. I'm not surprised at the Million Milers Club thing after the last trip he took! We'll be praying!

  8. I have been wondering how the job search was going. So glad to hear there is something!! I love seeing how your faith has kept your family going through this tough time. You are an inspiration, Keri! God will provide and He will give you that "feeling" to know if this is the right position for Scot and your family. I truly believe He did that with Chris and I when he was asked to join another company. Good luck and I will definitely be praying!

  9. Great news, Keri! Wouldn't it be great if we could just all stop working indefinitely, but keep our lives and lifestyles?! I've decided I want to live in a perpetual state of severance. :-) Ah, back to reality, and that thing called work. I'm glad that you and the boys have had this time with Scot. What Satan means for harm, God uses for good!



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