April 07, 2009

No Wailing and I Mean It!!

A bit of randomness for all of you today........

I have a patient at the hospital that reads my blog.  I saw her today and she said, "Man, you really had a meltdown, didn't you?"  In reading the last post back,  I realized that I used words like "wailing" which very much indicates a meltdown, but I also used words like "Savior" which very much indicates hope.  But, just for you, Mrs. C, today is going to be all about random things that have happened around our home.

1.  G was outside on Saturday when our neighbors drove up in their truck, laden down with flowers.  Since the median age of children playing at the time was 8, our very grown-up 10 year old decided to ditch all of them for some manual labor.  He will often help out our neighbors because they are older than we are......and the man fishes and hunts and G thinks he's very, very cool.  After spending the better part of the afternoon helping to brighten their front yard, they very generously gave him $5.  

He came running into the house and handed me the money.  "Look mom, I just made $5 for our family!".  He gave it to me and ran back outside while I stood there trying not to "wail".  Sorry, Mrs. C.....no meltdowns, I promise!  

Honestly, I was very touched and proud of him at that moment.  Sweet boy!

2.  In a weekend where all the moons and stars must have been aligned, N decided to go above and beyond his posted chore chart and help me clean the bathroom.  Now, I am not so naive as to not realize an 8 year olds fascination with toxic cleaners.......but I do think it was sweet of him.  So I told him so....

"N, you are the best!"

"Yeah, I get that a lot."

Ok, self-confidence.....Check!!  

Moving on....

3.  For some unknown reason I have issues with inviting people over for dinner.  Don't ask me why.......I don't consider myself a perfectionist, at all.  My house is very often a mess and I feel no driving need to be in tip top form when leaving the house.  I'm not above comfy pants, hoodie, and visor.  I just feel the need to explain why I don't have 5 appetizers out, why the family room is a mess.......stressing the entire time hoping everyone is having a good time.

I obviously just need to get over myself.  In an attempt to do that, we had friends over for dinner.  It was a gorgeous evening and we had a great time.  Come to find out, it can be unsettling for others the way Scot and I banter about his unemployment.  Duly noted for the next unsuspecting family we have over.  

It was a wonderful evening.  The kids had a great time, the adults were just......comfortable.  We had burgers, cheese fries, fruit salad (yummy, yummy), cookies, and ice cream.  It just doesn't get better than that!

As you can see by the posing, these are not shy children.  
And Scot does a double darn
good job at being the yard guy.  


  1. I don't know if I should laugh or be scared by the girl holding the fake cigarette. LOL

    Hunter has done that with pretzel and cheese sticks....

    Great post mama....

    and hello...when you coming out here already?

    You have $5 bucks. That at least can go towards your taxes on your flight. LOL

  2. Ok, I totally didn't realize that is what it looked like she was doing. I don't think her mama would be very happy so I deleted that picture. Honestly, my kids do it too.........

  3. Keri,

    I found it great fun to have a glimpse into you & your kiddos lives. Sounds like you have some outstanding children. I love that you son selflessly helped the neighbors rather than play with friends. How do you teach that???

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. I am horrible at having people over as well. Always tell myself that if I show the love of Christ and make them feel welcome, it will be just fine. That and turn down the lights and have some AWESOME BJon's candles going to hide boy mess & odor!



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