April 30, 2009

Time Out

I never subscribed to the whole Time Out thing when my boys were young. I don't necesarily have anything against it, I just didn't do it very much.

I do, however, totally believe in taking Time Outs myself. Putting myself in Time Out saves my little family from all kinds of grief. I go, sit on the chair in my room, and think about my actions. I don't get to come out until my attitude has changed and usually there is someone I have to apologize to for acting like a maniac.

There's been a lot going on lately around our house. I have tried several times to write this post and am very sensitive about not coming across as a spoiled brat. Yes, my children and husband are healthy. No, we are not in danger of losing our home. Yes, I am blessed to have the kind of job that allows me to help out financially right now. No, my man's job loss has not driven us apart. We are truly blessed.

In spite of the blessings, it has been an overwhelming 8 or 9 weeks. In the last week, my mood has been all over the place (thank you hormones). Needless to say, the chair in my room was not far enough away for mom's Time Out this time.

Thank you frequent flier miles........I am visiting a friend in Tampa for a couple of days. Honestly? I got off the plane feeling refreshed.......as long as the people wearing masks didn't allow my mind to go nuts over the swine flu thing.

Many times God has put me in Time Out Himself. I usually go to the chair pouting and throwing a tantrum. Sit there with my arms crossed not willing to admit that I need some discipline. He usually keeps me there until I have an attitude adjustment and can behave like a child of God. I can almost hear Him saying what we, as parents, have said a thousand times, "When will she ever learn?".

I am thankful for the short time away. Thankful for a husband that encouraged me to go (you should have seen how quickly he loaded my suitcase into the car), and kids that still miss me when I'm gone even though I've been cranky lately!


  1. You can have a Time Out in Dallas any time you want! :-) (Can I start praying for that?!) Glad you had some time away -- you carry a lot on your plate, my friend.

  2. I think we all need a time out every now and then. Wish I could join you for my own time out in Tampa...I have a friend there, too, that I could visit! Have a great time and come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

  3. Enjoy your time out!!

    As grumpy as I have been lately (it's just a pregnancy thing with me), I need to go find a time out chair for myself- I thought that was a fab idea!!


  4. I hope that you are having fun! We just saw the rest of your crew at Chili's!

    Shalom! Lauren

  5. i think we all need some time outs every once in awhile! it does us a world of good.



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