August 24, 2012

A pitiful walk down memory lane

It's been two weeks exactly since we left the good 'ol state of Texas and headed back to Asia.  It has been two weeks of a not very fun Keri as I have worked through all the emotions of transitioning from one life to another.

I'm not going to lie. There has been some carnage left in my wake these last couple weeks.  

Like the first day when I went to the grocery store to get ingredients for hamburgers just to be told that I would have to come back for hamburger buns because they only made four bags of them that day and someone had already purchased them.  


I came home and threw some groceries around and yelled at Scot about hating this place...because that's what you do when you're emotionally on edge.  You go for the juglar.  Say irrational things.  Over exaggerate.  Eat a bag of chocolate.  

And then there was the clerk at a different grocery store that wouldn't let me buy 2 mangos because they were priced 3 for $5.  Even after I did the math for him he still wouldn't let me buy just 2.  He also got an earful of irrational, on the edge, craziness.  I guarantee that I gave him enough material to keep him popular in the break room for weeks.

As for the chocolate?  Those three bags of Halloween candy I brought back from proud of myself for thinking ahead?  Let's just say that I have been having a trick-or-treat party for one.  

Two weeks into it and I am much better.  School is underway and my calendar is filling up with commitments and fun stuff.  

Hamburger buns have been purchased and's all good.

While summer is still fresh on our minds, here is a quick run down of our time at home with a pitiful photo montage that doesn't do our summer justice:

Good food

Good friends

Good creamy jalapeƱo dip 

A not so good surprise surgery that had a happy ending (still can't swim but his hearing is better than it was before the surgery and we are exceedingly grateful for this!)

A good visit to my happy place

A wedding for a dear college friend

A visit with Scot's family

And his sweet 97 year old Grandma

A very festive 4th of July lady and two sweet boys

A Singapore friend, her new house in Houston, and Sonic Diet Coke

An incredible evening with friends coming together for a good cause.....

Collecting school supplies for moms and kids that really needed our help.

A too fast visit to California to see my parents

My very handsome (and very taken) brothers.....

My sister-in-law and adorable nephew.....

Back to Texas for final hugs and good-byes with friends

And a final Mexican dinner
Not pictured?  Lots of family and friends that I adore.  I'll blame it on soaking in every second of face time I had and not wanting to take a single second to snap a picture.  To each of you that I saw and visited with and hugged and laughed with.....I loved every single moment I had with you.

In the two weeks since I've been back I've had 2 fateful aforementioned grocery store visits, put two boys into middle school, eaten lots of Halloween candy, started my running club, and have only pulled the covers over my head, not to come out for several hours, one day.  One.  

I did have to say a very tearful good-bye to my very first friend in Singapore.  Just over two years ago she walked into a room with Texas written all over her and became a very dear friend.  Tiffany, life here just won't be the same without you!!  I miss you every day.  

 And tonight my baby boy went to his first boy/girl dance.

Which he clearly loved.  

It's going to be an interesting year.

Where's my Halloween candy?

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