February 03, 2009


Not even an hour after posting about our new family member, I went to spend some quality snuggle time with him to find that Buddy the Bunny has passed away.

I picked him up and ran into my husband.  He was so wonderful as he put down his computer and immediately took the bunny and started rubbing him and talking to him to see if he was really gone.  I was crying and Scot went and buried him in our backyard.  I cried all night long feeling so sad that I was not able to save that little guy.  I told Scot that maybe I needed to have another baby.......he suggested we get a hamster.

We told the boys this morning.  Scot took them out to show them where Buddy was buried and G looked at us with tears running down his face and said, "I'm just so sad that he never got to open his eyes to see this beautiful world."  Good grief!!  That one set me off again!

Then we took them out for donuts before school and everything was all better.

So today I'm sporting puffy eyes, sackcloth, and ashes in mourning for a little baby rabbit that managed to turn our world upside down.


  1. Oh no I wonder what happened to him? I hate hearing about those things. I wonder if they took him from mama too soon or he got too cold or what? I am sorry you all have to experience this sad day. :(

    And I agree with your husband.... get a hamster!


    You scheduled your time to come in yet? We are on count down of 9 days to go now. Oh my goodness I am so excited.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss! I just read your other post last night and thought how sweet it was that you took the little guy (or girl?) in and gave him a fighting chance. What a good Mama...your boys will remember your gentleness and kindness forever.

  3. I have such teary-eyes, I can hardly type!! Isn't raising boys hard?!? Especially sensitive ones! We had baby squirrels after the hurricane and they lived two days. I do hope you all feel better soon!!

  4. Oh no ... that's terrible! So sorry! So glad donuts are a great cure-all! :)

  5. Okay, that's really really sad, and I seriously teared up to hear G's sweet response. Just make sure the bunny is buried really well (deep in the ground). Dog + buried animal + digging = not such a good combination.

    PS. I vote for you to have another baby (although you have to feed them more than twice a day!)



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