February 05, 2009

Pick Me

Update:  So I navigated around until I found the official site for the Compassion Blogger trips.  You aren't even supposed to register your name unless your blog gets 30,000 hits a month.  Hmmmmm.........let's see.  That means I would have to find over 1,000 people a day and insist they sit and read my very random thoughts.  I'll start campaigning 6 months early next time.....anyone volunteer to make posters??

It has been a long time since I've been in a situation where I wanted to be "picked" for something. When you get to be my age with kids, there are not many situations that have multiple 30 something moms toting posters trying to win votes.  We even had to talk the two girls that serve as PTO presidents at our school into doing the job.  

Ok, well, I'm kind of telling a fib here.  Last year when I submitted an application to volunteer with Living Proof Ministries (Beth Moore's ministry), I unashamedly begged God for the opportunity.  When I got a call from them, you would have thought I just found out I was nominated for an Oscar I was so excited.  It has been a HUGE blessing in my life - every Monday morning I'm there filling orders for books and Bible studies for hundreds of women.  I love every minute of it.....and no, Beth and I are not BFFs, but it's just a matter of time!  

This morning I was surfing my blog favorites and read Angie's blog from Bring the Rain. Apparently Compassion International is sponsoring a trip to India for a handful of bloggers. Angie was asked to go along with some others.  All of a sudden I turned into a 16 year old again as I sat here and read all about the trip thinking "I want to go" - except you have to add a good 16 year old whine to that.  I went to the link to find out that over 800 "bloggers" seem to feel the same way I do.  

I know some of you are thinking, India??  Really??  Did you people read the story about the baby bunny named Buddy?  I am a girl that is really wanting something to nurture right about now and for some reason the idea of going to India to do mission work and being able to write about it very much appeals to me (more than a hamster does for sure).  My husband travels the world for his job. My sister lives in Jerusalem and travels the area with short-term groups teaching them.  My baby sister has dug wells in Nicaragua and is going to Mexico to do mission work next month. My mom has been to India and Uganda with Compassion International to visit kids she has sponsored.  It's in my blood.......

So I filled in the short application and pressed Send knowing that the deadline has probably already passed me by and knowing that there is not much of a chance I would be chosen.  But I also know that I serve a God that is amazing and does all kinds of cool things to bring glory to Himself, so if for some reason this is my time, I'll get to go.  It has certainly got me thinking about stepping up and expanding my borders.  Better update my passport!


  1. Do you get to take people with you?!?!?! I think we need a sister bonding trip :) Seriously, it sounds amazing and if I were the one picking bloggers to go, I would totally pick you!

  2. Oh wow that sounds AMAZING and I want to beg to go now too. But I am still waiting for you to come to Florida too.

    Oh and I just realized.... my blog title is "Wind Beneath My Wings", the url is "they take my breath away". I need to see if I can change my URL. LOL just thought I would share that bit of info, because my blog isn't know for my url name.

    Love ya.

  3. First, let me say how JEALOUS I am that you get to help out at LPM!! What a blast!!
    Secondly, when I read Angie's blog yesterday, I thought how amazing all these people whose blogs I read get to do such amazing things!! If you get to go to India, I will be even more jealous of you!!
    Good luck!!!

  4. Whether you serve God volutneering at Living Proof or serve Him in India, one thing is clear: you have a joy in serving Him. It's GREAT! Love your drive and passion. Let us know the outcome of this on your blog!

  5. Your passion comes across in this post, and I hope with all my heart this is something you get to do.

    BTW - if you ever decide to head over to Jerusalem and need a friend to go with you, sign me up... xxoo



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