February 19, 2009

Tattle Tale

Last night I settled in on the couch upstairs with the boys to watch American Idol.  They had both just had bowls of ice cream - I did not join them becaues I'm in a constant battle with about 20 pounds and I happened to be having a strong moment.  I take advantage of those every chance I get.

I did, however, grab 2 Hersheys Miniatures as a treat thinking it was the lesser of two evils.  G watched me while I unwrapped one (I was determined to suck on the chocolate and not devour it so it would last a long, long, long time resulting in my forgetting the cartons of yummy, luscious ice cream downstairs........but I digress).  He then asked, "Are you on a diet or something?  I don't think you need to diet!"  

Yes, I am now taking applications for this sweet boy to marry your daughter someday.....he'll make a fine husband.

Then N popped in with "Don't get too carried away.  I don't want you to have chicken legs." Sorry, baby, Mama would LOVE me some chicken legs right about now......the figurative ones.  I don't eat meat that is still wrapped around a bone.......again, I digress.  

I wasn't sure how to respond.  You see, I'm in the midst of a major cleaning/re-organizing of our office area.  My mom kicked my hiney into gear with this project that has been hanging over my head for more than a year now.  In the process, I've been sorting through all the artwork and collectibles I've gathered from the boys.  I got completely lost in reminiscing about when they were little.....then I asked Scot if we could have another baby......he said no, but upped the ante from a hamster to a guinea pig!  

I came across many preschool projects from both boys where the teacher had them fill in the blanks about me.  You know, the project that we would like a little notice about so we can coach our kids.

"Now baby, when the teacher asks what Mommy's favorite food is, you say SALAD."
"Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT say margaritas or else you will have to go live with another
Mommy and Daddy who will make you eat asparagus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

One time, the "survey" actually asked G what his Mommy did when she was mad.  He said that I "go lay down on my bed", which, all things considered, wasn't as bad as it could have been!  I mean, what were they trying to do??  Is this a new screening process for CPS intervention??

So when faced with the diet issue last night, I knew that any response from me could end up in some kind of composition - 4th grade style.  So I said nothing, because honestly?  I still haven't recovered from my complete humiliation from this precious 5 year old Mommy survey.

Besides being special because "she loves me" and having my favorite food be "honey", apparently I am VERY GOOD at "pooting very smelly".    G's preschool career ended with this survery and I spent the rest of the Spring Cleaning my house because that's my favorite thing to do.


  1. Oh my gosh.... thats almost as embarrassing as my most embarrassing moment with hunter. Mommy do you really poot very smelly? Im laughing out loud as I type thinking of that teacher reading it. Thats so funny.

    Oh kiddos!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I was laughing out LOUD!! From the chicken legs (yeah, I was thinking about Buffalo Wild Wings!), to the margaritas (that one really got me, lol!), to the pooting very smelly (it's only a matter of time before my boys divulge this precious info; they are boys, they love bathroom humor)!

    And speaking of American Idol, we are loving Danny Gokey (sp?)! Do ya'll have a favorite yet?

  3. we live in the coutry so when animals pass away they are properly discarded to the woods. Oldest went to school & told them we threw dead cats off our back porch. yeah tough to explain that. that's why we love em!

    Good job on the nonmentionable diet.

  4. Chris and I are giggling (actually I'm snort laughing) about this! HA! This pooting thing must have started after we were roommates... :-) Hilarious!

  5. Thanks for being an inspiration on the losing weight, it's tough!! Especially with Baskin Robbins right around the corner!



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