February 25, 2009

Let The Fun Begin

I currently go to a Baptist church.  If someone happens to ask me what denomination I am, I always cringe a little because I'm not sure what to say.  I go to a Baptist church, I don't necessarily consider myself to be a Baptist.  

Growing up we went to many different kinds of churches.  You name it, I've seen it.....except anything involving snakes.  We went to Baptist, Assembly of God, Presbyterian, Vineyard, Non-Denominational.......we were all over the place.  Our family never had a denominational "label", something many find somewhat disconcerting.

I love my church.  It is where God put us, but you better believe that if He wanted to uproot us tomorrow and send us to a Methodist church, we would go.  Please do not misunderstand me, I am not bashing any denomination.  I just know that God can teach me and use me in any Bible believing church He wants me to attend.  There are many aspects of a Baptist church that drive me crazy, and there are many aspects about me that drive a traditional Baptist crazy!  That's ok, as long as it doesn't cause dissension among believers.

All that to say,  I am stepping outside the Baptist box and am observing Lent this year.  I never have, but have always wanted to.  I even did research on it to make sure I understood the purpose and background behind it.  It represents the 40 days Jesus wandered in the desert facing unbelievable temptation from satan just prior to His death.  There is an incredible amount of history and belief surrounding Lent, but for me, it has become about sacrificing something I often prioritize above God Himself to place my entire focus on the gift of eternal life Jesus gave me through His death and resurrection.

After much deliberation, I decided to give up sweets.  I LOVE sweets - of all kinds.  Candy, ice cream, bakery cake - oh I do love me some bakery cake with buttercream frosting, cookies, etc. I get excited about eating sweets.......my marriage has suffered at times because of a promise that we'll "Split a dessert" just to be told by a certain someone (named Scot) at the end of the meal that he is "Too full for dessert, but you can still get one if you want to."  Which I don't because everyone in the kitchen will talk about me so I huff and puff my way out of the restaurant because Scot's "fullness" robbed me of my dessert option........I'm telling you, sweets make me downright delusional!

It is not going to be easy, in fact, it's probably going to get downright ugly at times.  My goal is to be reminded every time my sweet tooth rears its ugly head, that my sacrifice pales tremendously in comparison with the sacrifice Jesus made on my behalf.   I know I'll be a better person for going through it......I'll be healthier in every way.  I would also like to give up about 3 pairs of very comfortable sweats I've been wearing all winter - I'm hopeful the two will go hand in hand.  


  1. Wow. That is really neat. I remember my catholic friend in school giving things up for Lent. I always admired her dedication even as a child.

    I think it's great that you don't claim a denomination. I was raised in an independent Baptist church then in an SBC, then my husband did as associate pastor job at a Pentecostal church (his upbringing)...then we went to an SBC which everyone thought was non denominational. I say all that to say, I'm feelin' you.

    I like 1 Cor. 1:10-15 when it comes to denominations. It doesn't say 'denomination' but 'I follow...' and 'I follow . . .' but the heart of the dialogue is the same, I think.

  2. Well, you're doing this for all the right reasons, which makes it very hard to cheat! I will most likely be making up for your sacrifice over the next 40 days. Can I have those sweats?

  3. Oh my I hear ya, me too. I was raised in a Methodist Church from birth to age 15. When I was 15 we changed to the First Baptist Church down the street because there had been several other families move from our church and my parents wanted us (myself, sisters, and brother) to be in a church with a strong and active Youth group. And the Baptist Church is where it's at around here. We have been attending that church for 15 years now. And there are some things that just drive me nuts too...and some things I just don't get. I don't want to bash either, it's just different. And yes, I believe God can teach and use us ANYWHERE. We just have to be open and willing to Him and His Will.

    I have never participated in Lent, either. I appreciate your research and information on the subject! Maybe this is something for me to consider as well. What denominations observe Lent? Why don't Baptists? Hmmm.

    I had to smile at your dessert scenerio :-) I have left many a restaurant all huffy because Jack was too full for dessert...first of all, how can you EVER be too full for DESSERT?? And I certainly wasn't going to be the only one at the table who orders dessert! Or like when I want to go by the ice cream place and he says, "well I don't want one but I'll stop for you." Uh, NO. Nevermind. Huffy. teehee

    Have a great Thursday, Keri!

  4. Hello my fellow boy momma! I got your comment-
    thank you so much.
    I can't wait to read more of your blog. I loved this one.
    Do the conference call Bible Study with us on Sunday nights!!

  5. Grew up Methodist. We always observed Lent - mom explained that we were honoring the sacrfice God & Christ made for us, putting Christ above whatever we were giving up.Dad always gave up watermelon & canteloupe. We usually did sweets or chocolate. Nothing better than a Cadberry Egg Easter morning. I will be praying for you!



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