February 22, 2009

The Magic Ring

G recently came home telling me that he had to write a composition and that his was the teacher's favorite.  I was skeptical because spelling and overall completing of a writing assignment are not G's forte, but I was excited for him and asked what he wrote about.

He told me that the whole class was supposed to write a paper on a "Magic Ring".  N, my 8 year old, just recently finished reading The Hobbit and is currently working his way, slowly, through the Lord of the Rings series.  Naturally I assumed G wrote a mystical story about a Magic Ring since that has been the theme around here lately.

"I wrote about your's and dad's wedding rings."

I was honestly in shock.  Amazed that he was able to think so outside the box to come up with the concept and touched that in his 10 year old way, he does not take his parent's marriage for granted.

Honestly, I wish our wedding rings were magical.  How fun would that be?  I could aim my magic ring at Scot and force him to do all sorts of things.  Stop snoring, clean up after himself, be a little more impulsive, demand I buy more shoes, etc.  I have no doubt AT ALL that he has a very long list of things he wishes his magic ring could change in me.  

It has been 13 years since we exchanged rings and it has not always been an easy road to travel - not very magical. We have fought, I have wanted to leave on more than one occasion.  We had to learn the hard way how to communicate and have had long periods of being out of sync.  That is our reality. 

Our reality is also that we made up and I didn't leave.  We did learn how to communicate and we became a team again.  We have made the decision to "Do Life" together with God being in control and our boys by our side.  

Are our rings magical?  No

But seeing evidence of our hard work through the eyes of our son.......that is magical. 


  1. Makes all the tattle tales worth it. Save that! Remind him of it when he gets married. What a sweet moment to be able to give that back to him on his wedding day.

  2. Aww... I love that- how honest you are...marriages are not "magical" they take work and a strong relationship with God Almighty, who by the way, brought you together in the first place! :0)

    BTW, to get the "award" over onto your blog, just right click & copy on Christie's blog then place it on yours by pasting it down. Works like a charm!

    Have a great day!

  3. You and Scot have always had a little magic between you the two of you -- even from the early days, you all had that "look" that one only gets when your soul-mate is standing in front of you. I'm so glad that G has already seen that spark between you two! How lucky your boys are to have such a great relationship modelled for them.

    This is a really fantastic post -- one of my favorites!

  4. "But seeing evidence of our hard work through the eyes of our son.......that is magical." That says it all right there. Great post, and so true for any marriage (I think) that has lasted for a long time. I am glad you stayed with him. It 'changed' your sons' lives for the better.



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