February 11, 2009

The Newest Fashion Trend

Oh, yeah.  We are rockin' the new head gear.  Looks like a cross between half a Princess Leah headpiece and a jock strap......sorry folks, I have boys which means we all tumble into immaturity at times and flat out think things like jock straps are really funny.

As you can see, my child that had his ear practically cut off, a drill through a bone, two other bones removed, and a titanium plate put in, looks like nothing at all happened to him today.  

I think my husband is in worse shape than any of the rest of us.  He has called all day which makes me wonder exactly when he is sleeping.  He is itching for me to tell him to come home.....he had bought a stuffed bear with G before he left on this trip and sprayed some of his cologne on it so when G woke up from surgery, he would have something to hold to remind him of his dad.  I'm thinking we should have gotten Scot a bear, rolled it in some dirt and nasty smelling football gear to remind him of G.  

I had two wonderful friends with me all day.....Joy and Dana.  They kept me entertained, patted my knee when it looked like I was going to lose it (a hug would have done me in), and provided food for this tired mama.  I will never be able to thank either one of these ladies enough for just being there for me.  I love you guys!!

One more thing......I specifically asked the doctor if G had had the surgery a year ago, would it have been less severe than it was today.  His answer??  Absolutely not.  Apparently this mass has been growing since birth and one year would not have made a difference.  I could feel the guilt rolling away........thank you Jesus!!


  1. You make me laugh!! So glad that you are on this side of the surgery and all looks to have gone well. Poor Scot... Keri, you're a great Mom, and N and G and lucky lucky lucky to have you!

  2. Thank God! That is wonderful news, and he looks GREAT! What an amazing boy. I think a dirty, smelly bear might have been a good thing for Daddy.

    I am so glad you know that the year wouldn't have made the difference. That means so much.

  3. Praise God for good friends. Glad G is recovering well. Guilt be gone!

  4. am fiona Akech who u once helped when i was in compasion that time u had ur son am so happy 2 find u again my uncle past away i just have so 2 tell u ma emaill is irynaike@yahoo.com GOD Bless u.i love u and ur son take care i cant wait 2 hear from u.

  5. Praise God for the words of the surgeon; but we all know he was just the messenger, those words came straight from our Lord! Hallelujah!

    The jock strap thing totally cracked me up!! Yes, with boys all sorts of immature things become hilarious! Bathroom humor is another thing that my boys find funnier than funny! And yeah, we laugh along too sometimes ;-)

    G looks great. I'm glad you had bffs there to help you through. Maybe you should send your hubby some bffs as well! Happy healing!



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