May 30, 2012

She Chose Him

She walked next to me a year ago and told me that she didn't know if she could survive extreme persecution.  If in a pivotal life or death moment she could trade her life for claiming Him as her God.

I told her that we had to do that every day.  That our lives don't require us to make a decision that would determine if we'd be seeing Him face to face that day, but that every moment of every day we have to choose.

We choose to love or we choose to hate.

We choose to be bold or we choose to deny.

We choose to be an example or we choose to compromise.

We choose to deny ourselves or we choose to indulge our flesh.

She is now walking through an event that will change her family forever.  A moment in time that changes hopes and dreams for a child.

And she has chosen to trust.

To not question but to hang on and have faith in extreme circumstances.  In a difficult life situation she has chosen Him.  She is clinging to Him with her whole entire being because her survival requires nothing less.

She chose Him.

I love you EC!


  1. Painful as it is, we are closest to Him when we choose to trust with our entire beings and when our survival requires nothing less. But He is faithful. And joy comes in the process of knowing that we are His and it comes in the morning, when in His strength, we survive the persecution and pain and come out reflecting His glory more than ever before. And I wish that for your friend.

  2. And she has chosen well! For He has chosen her.



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