May 28, 2012

Monday Musings...Conveniently

I am finding it increasingly more difficult to think in one coherent stream of thought in these last few days before heading home.  It works well in my favor that today is Monday so I can kinda pretend that throwing out a Monday Musings was in the plan all along!

Welcome to the chaos that is inside my no particular order.

1.  You may remember this post from last Spring about buying a bunch of Spode Turkey Plates in order to appease my future daughter-in-laws.  I clearly have issues in this department.  On my recent trip to Bangkok with friends, two of which were also involved in the turkey plate debacle, we went to a popular store where you can buy silver very inexpensively.  Yada, yada, yada and I ended up with 16 place settings of flatware for the dinner party I never, ever want to have.  16 place settings.  That is 80 pieces of silverware AND I ended up with appetizer forks because apparently if I don't have appetizer forks to go with the Turkey Plates, my daughter-in-laws will never want to celebrate holidays at my house.  And I will never get to see my grandbabies.

2.  I recently finished one of my favorite books of all times.  If you are looking for a good summer read, I highly recommend The Dovekeepers.  It's a story based on Josephus's writings about Masada and it was carry it around in your purse kind of wonderful.  Another favorite from this Spring was The Forgotten Garden.  I have to host Book Club at my house this Thursday and I haven't even started reading the book I had chosen.  I figure I can throw out some appetizers with their own special appetizer forks and distract everyone enough that maybe they won't notice.  Better yet, I'll put the appetizers on a Turkey Plate.  Book?  What book?

3.  There is not one person in the world that makes me laugh harder than my man.  We have had some good laughs lately and that is a good thing.

4.  In light of recent hair events I no longer have curl in the last 3 inches of my hair.  I can say with absolute and complete honesty that I didn't think I had vanity issues that needed to be addressed.  Clearly, I was mistaken.

5.  Last week was a rough week.  I have been mulling over some things.....lots of things.....and I think it all came to a head.  As a Christian woman, there is a very fine line between living a life that is bold about who I am in Christ and living a life that is void of compromise and judgement and pride.  I want to do well in living life as a godly woman but I fail a lot.  A whole lot.  Many times I can accept grace and mercy and bounce right back but last week I could barely get off my knees.  Those are some of the hardest and the sweetest moments......when I feel like the only way I get back on my feet is when He offers me a hand to help me up.

6.    I watched Garrett ask for a girl's phone number a few days ago.  I had a moment.

7.  I can not wait to drive a car.  I feel like I am going to hurl most of the time when I'm in the back of a taxi and I am just excited to jump in a car and go anywhere I'd like at any moment without the stress of wondering if I have enough cash in my wallet.  

8.  Nathan has his last field trip this Friday to a water park.  They have been on no less than 5 field trips this year and I haven't gone on a single one so I thought I'd finish off the year......and his elementary school days......with a bang.  Oh my.  Nathan was not thrilled at all that I was going.  I think he envisioned me running around in my tacky tankini begging to go down slides with him.  He was relieved when I told him I had zero interest in being anywhere near a bathing suit......or him.  I'll just make him hold my hand when we cross the street and then he's free to go!

9.  I am going into this summer feeling much more emotionally stable than I did last summer.  And all God's people yelled "Amen!".  Last summer I had this driving need for Houston to feel like it was still home....except it wasn't which sent me on an emotional roller coaster.  This year I am going home with the expectation of seeing people I love and being absolutely okay with where I currently live.  I think it's going to be much, much better.  If you run into me weeping in the aisles of Target or eating my 9th basket of chips at Chuys or drinking my 29th Route 44 Diet Coke with lime......then you know that clearly I was delusional in thinking this summer would be easier and an intervention may be in order.

10.  Mmmmmm.......Chuy's.  I am 9 days away from Chuys.


  1. #1 had me lauging.
    #6 made me gasp.
    #9 have been there myself.
    You, my friend, are an encouragement!

  2. As I am only 6 weeks away from getting to see you guys so things are getting better every day! Loved your post today. So many things in it ring true to me as well. Please eat a basket of Chuy's chips for me! I completely get what you said about Nathan, the field trip and the bathing suit! Ha! You are very hard on yourself-you are one of the sweetest, most genuine people that I know. Can't wait to see you!



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