May 02, 2012

Photo Dump Wednesday

After sitting in front of my computer trying to come up with a catchy moniker for today's post I finally decided to go for the direct route.  

I am bad about downloading photos from my phone.  I take pictures and usually text or email them to someone and then they will sit on my phone forever.  

Typically I will find 862 pictures that look just like this:

Or some other form of strange photo morphing that happens when my phone is hijacked.

I also find photos like this:

The evidence of a good Adventure Club day.  This is Vanessa's arm post paint ball....Adventure Club is not for the faint of heart.

And then there was this:

This guy got on the plane in comfy shorts, dress socks and dress shoes.  I'm not sure if he was prepared to do 5 sets of lunges down the aisle or accidentally dropped a cup of coffee on his slacks.

And a reminder from this day:

Teacher conference day and we decided to browse through the Science Fair first.  Nathan didn't participate and there was great rejoicing in the Jenkins household because of it.  I still haven't recovered from the days of my youth when I had to do Science Fair.  I hated it.  I loathed it.  I had a best friend who grew crystals and won every single year.  She was 4'11" and named Heather.  I hugged and hugged Nathan this day and told him how proud I was of him for not getting sucked into Science Fair hell.  Then I bought him ice cream.  Parenting at its finest!

Oh how we love this little guy:

Meet Gus.  He's our rent-a-dog.  His parents are empty nesters living here and they travel often.  Since they opted not to get a helper they were in need of someone to babysit Gus.  We love him.  We cuddle with him.  We talk babytalk to him.  Then we send him home for a few weeks until he comes to visit again.  Scot's and my first real taste of what it will be like to be Granparents....or grown ups who hold the dog on their lap because he's afraid of thunder and proceed to talk him through it.  Not that I'm doing that right now or anything......

The only photos I have from Easter:

We were at an Easter lunch after church and the family had a bunny costume.  Nathan couldn't resist and down the stairs he hopped much to the delight of the moms and children.....

but not his dad.

The day I wanted to murder a 7th grader that was not my own flesh and blood:

Nathan came home upset after having slime slapped on his back by a teenager on his bus.  This picture was my evidence for when I called the school asking that the slime wielding teenager replace this shirt.  The photographic evidence wasn't necessary as all was resolved in a calm, cool, collected manner but darn it if I wasn't disappointed a little bit about not being able to showcase my quick thinking, evidence collecting ways!

Not Scot's finest hour:

A sprained ankle just prior to a trip where we'd be hiking up a mountain.  


I am doing a Bible study with 3 friends and I had to take a picture and text it to all of them making sure they had done this page.  Reminders of who I am.  Not what the world says I am, not what I say I am, but what the God of the universe says I am.  

Picture perfect in His eyes.

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