May 08, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Today I "kinda" broke up with the lady who has done my hair since we've moved here.

I can say "kinda" because she doesn't know yet that we've broken up.  She is not one to forgive easily so I didn't want to burn that bridge until I had completely crossed to the other side.

And I'm still rehearsing the whole "It's not you, it's me" speech.

The truth is that I'm a little afraid of her.  She works alone out of her apartment and if you happen to be late........well, few have survived to tell the tale.  Sometimes she's in a good mood and sometimes she's not.  It takes exactly 2.9 seconds to figure out what you're dealing with that day.

The good thing about the hairdresser I've only kinda broken up with?

She's cheap.

A cut and color here in Singapore can run you close to $400.  She charges me $75.  It's amazing how much a girl can put up with for that much of a discount.

Another good thing?

Oh,  how I love this heater/dryer thing circa 1950.  It drowned out all noise and was warm and amazing.... even if I always had a teeny tiny bit of fear that it would catch my hair on fire.

Or my entire being.

I would say the good far outweighed the bad except for one thing.  No matter how many times I told her I wanted my hair a certain color, it always came out orange.  So orange that people now assume Garrett got his red hair from me.

He didn't.

Unfortunately, the best picture of my orange hair raises all kinds of eyebrows, but we'll just leave that story for another day.

I am way too tall of a person to have that much excitement on top of my head.  I work hard at making my whole being blend.  Looking like an oversized match when that wasn't God's original intention in creating me just became more than I can bear.

Today I put on big sunglasses and a floppy hat and snuck off to another hairdresser.  My heart was beating and I had a hard time breathing in nervous anticipation of what this guy would do to my hair.

Two hours later and I am now the proud owner of ashy, gray, with a tint of green hair and a nice set of highlights.

That's what I get.

Maybe I like orange after all.........well, minus the handcuffs.


  1. I have lived in Asia nearly four years and only remember once getting the color I asked for. I have been told as my hair was being dried, "I changed your color for you." Hu? WHAT? Seriously!?! Two weeks ago I asked for blond. At the end of the appointment my stylist asked if I liked the color. I said "It's a nice brown, but I asked for blond." She said she wouldn't do blond for me. That would have been nice to know before I started since I still had to pay nearly $300. Stylists here are very opinionated!

  2. Where is the picture of the ashy, gray, with a tint of green? Sorry, I am really laughing at this post.

  3. that sounds scary... can't wait to see it...



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