May 11, 2012

Round 3

It is way past time to wrap up this ongoing hair saga.

Can I get an "Amen"?

Yesterday, I went the whole day trying to own my new dark somewhat Gothic look.  I wore black and dark a tattoo and a few extra piercings.  

Just kidding mom!!  

My favorite reaction was a girlfriend of mine who walked into a party I was at, took one look at me, told me she loved me and then gave me a hug.  I love that she didn't even try to pretend that she liked it!  I do have some friends that are somewhat edgey that love the dark hair but I wasn't convinced I could pull it off.

So back to the salon today for Round 3.

The manager met me at the door and we reviewed again what I was ultimately looking for.

Chestnut with golden highlights.  

You know how when you get a new car all of a sudden you notice that car everywhere you go?  Or when you're pregnant it seems like you see pregnant women everywhere?  

Chestnut with golden highlights was checking out as I was checking in......chestnut with golden highlights was just finishing up in the chair next to me.  Chestnut with golden highlights walked past me.  

We all knew that I needed to let go of my chestnut with golden highlight dreams.  

The repair work commenced and I was ready.  Sandwich, computer, my own book, water......and the guy responsible for ashy green in the background.  That's not awkward or anything.

I was a bit nervous as foils were put on my head.  For the record, I would like to say that it is possible to inhale chemicals for over 6 hours and live.  

Foils came out and I had white streaks, there was panic, near tears, reassurance that it would be fine, a toning process of some kind, more hair washing, and then a conditioning treatment that involved a machine my head was strapped into and had smoke coming out of it.

Of course.  Because why would any part of this whole thing be normal?

The thing came off, two inches of damaged hair was cut off and there was great rejoicing when my hair was still intact and was a lighter shade of Karma Bites after 4 hours of work.  I jumped out of the chair and hugged the girl more relieved than I should be for something as silly as my hair.

After getting home and watching relief flood the faces of my boys, I attempted the self-photograph.  I took one picture and realized my nose is definitely bigger than it used to be.

Darn chemicals.

I powdered my nose and put on lipstick and laughed at myself for being so silly about this.  Then I proceeded to take no less than 15 different pictures.....of myself.  15.  

Nose looks enormous hither?  Too much Keri needs botox? 

Too strange looking....

That definitely solves the nose problem..... would help if you could actually see my hair.

This is ridiculous.....I give up.  We're done.  


  1. I am most definitely not saying that your nose is big, but mine is big too. Ugh.

    You look GORGEOUS. Hair, face, nose, all of it.

    1. If I could ever pick a body part to change, my nose would be right at the top. I know God created it this way and all of that, but it could certainly be a tad more petite!!

  2. You look amazing, and I love your humility and transparency. We all want to look our best—nothing wrong with that. :) Glad you are happy with your hair. Cannot wait to see it in person.

    1. All those crazy pictures of myself made me realize that the teenagers that post self taken pictures of themselves on FB have to work really hard to get a good one! It's NOT easy!! The hair is darker than I would have ever chosen but in an interesting kind of way I really like it! Can't wait to see you!

  3. Love it. I laugh with you on this one, I, too, have lived the roller coaster ride of strange things happening. When things like this happen - you think: Why ME? Why anyone? Why can't it just work ? Well, my friend.. so is life. Having boys should have taught you this by now. Clearly you need some more boy drama to set you backa notch. Ha!! The teen years are upon you- so you are in luck. That much needed drama is right around the corner. I will continue to send you all my stories to help you laugh when you need it!! Or better yet- I can loan you a child or two to help add to the drama!

    1. Girl, you know I don't need another kid around here. My two boys are enough personality and drama for four kids. I am glad you'll still send me stories but I don't know that any of them will top the Woodstock story! I'm going to miss you!

  4. Had my hair permed in China when I was 15. My brother, 18 at the time, decided he wanted to get his hair permed too. We ended up with the EXACT same hair cut and perm. Torture for a teen girl.
    LOVE your posts! This one had me giggling! Jennie

    1. Oh, the perm. Now that is a situation just asking for drama! I think there are many people that can tell some good perms gone wrong stories!!

  5. This is just funny!

  6. Your cute... and I love your hair now and when it was black... you know me.... sexy mama...

    Also did you know that your nose and ears never stop growing... I tell you this only bc I recently was checking out my nose and thought the same thing.... what happened.. I and I was not inhaling chemicals for 6 hours...



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