May 09, 2012

Karma Bites

I know that it's not nice to talk about people.  I have gotten myself in trouble more than once over the years for chatting about someone behind their back.

Remember yesterday's post?  The one where I was talking about "kinda" breaking up with my hair lady?  The one where I didn't really say anything mean about her.....just the fact that she is very timely and prefers the color orange?

Today, karma bit me in the hiney.

I don't really believe in karma so maybe we'll say this is what I get for talking about our breakup online.  

I left off yesterday's post talking about handcuffs.  

No, wait.  That's for another time. 

I left off yesterday's post talking about my ashy, green hair.  Just for the record?  Ash should never, ever, ever be a hair color.  

Friend:  What does your hair look like?

Me:  It looks like ash.

Friend:  It looks like WHAT??

Me:  Ash!  I said ash.

Someone in the hair industry should be fired for thinking that was a legitimate hair color.

After tossing and turning last night about the hair situation I decided to be assertive in trying to get it fixed.  This is not a comfortable thing for me but I can't go on with ashy green hair.  I just can't.

I went back to the lovely place that did my hair and the wonderful ladies behind the counter were easily able to see the reason I was requesting a redo.  The manager happened to be standing there and she promised it would be fixed at no charge.  In fact, I could get squeezed in today!  They hooked me up with someone other than the person who was responsible for the ashy green and I went on my merry way happy that my issue would soon be resolved and proud of myself for taking a stand.

I returned for my appointment and showed my new person the exact color I wanted.  He concurred about the green and promised me he would fix me all up.  We chatted, I read more about the Kardashians, I was shampooed and then.............

Then I was introduced to my new hair color that I affectionately call Karma Bites.

I was going for a warm chestnut brown color with golden highlights.  Apparently the only chestnuts my hairdresser had ever seen were burnt to a crisp.

Needless to say, I barely made it out of the salon with my manners still intact.

I walked into my house and the boys were NOT happy.

Nathan was downright mad at me demanding to know why in the world I wanted my hair that dark.  It was his turn to pray at dinner tonight and after praying for Garrett and his schoolwork, Scot and his work, he prayed that God would help mom and "her horrible hair situation".

Garrett's response to my hair?

Mom, you look like Megan Fox from the back!  Well, your head does anyway.


As for Scot?  Scot is a man that has been married to me for almost 17 years.  He knows how to handle these situations like a pro.  Lots of tip toeing around me, gentle smiles, offers to do whatever is needed around the house.  

Tonight I got a call from the salon manager.  She had heard about my head full of Karma Bites and wants me back on Friday to try and fix it again.  

I have Nathan praying now that I won't go bald from all the chemicals my scalp will have been exposed to by the time this is all over.  


  1. This is hilarious.... and I happen to love you in this color. Gilian and I sitting here now saying how much we like it... but since it is not what you asked for that is not good... and Gillian says not to go back unless you are just getting a refund...

  2. Actually, I love the color too! But you need to be happy, and that's what matters. Hope they get it right. :) Carie

  3. I just asked Scot if he'd get used to my hair this color. No answer. I am definitely getting a refund and I am a tad nervous about going for a third time!

  4. I think it has more to do with you reading about the Kardashians....maybe you should call it "Kardashians bite". :) Had that happen to me once, but I was responsible for the first bad color, then the salon talked me into taking me back to my "natural" color which I had no idea was so dark.

    You are beautiful any color, any day, all the time.

    Love you,


    1. The Kardashians are a crazy mess. Reading about them once is enough! You are sweet but you should seriously see me in the daylight. It's not pretty. Love you!

  5. When you get back to the States, I'll buy you a $3 box of dye from Target and let my 9-year-old do your hair. Works for me. :)

    1. Let me tell you, if they sold any color here other than the jet black I currently have on my head? I would probably go for it. It would save me all kinds of agony for sure! Love you!

  6. Just wait till you cross the pond and land on this side. Then get it fixed! However, I kinda like it myself:)

    1. Believe soon as I think I can get it done without causing permanent damage to my hair I will be all over having my Texas girl fix me up. Yikes!!! Cheating never pays off!

  7. I've had ash green hair, too and that was AWFUL. A couple of years later my stylist recommended that I go all over blonde b/c I had so many highlights in it already. She bleached it Marilyn Monroe/ white-platinum blonde. I looked like a ghost. I went back for a fix and she died it an dark auburn color which ended up washing out to a light reddish brown. In the end it was so fried that I had to get it all cut off- like Annie Lennox short. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Hair malfunctions suck, and I feel your pain.

    BTW, after my ash green nightmare, the stylist recommended Infusium leave-in treatment to repair my hair. I still use it after I get my highlights done and it is wonderful. It really does repair the hair follicle- and quickly.

    Hope to see you, and your gorgeous head of hair, this summer!!




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