June 05, 2012

Let's see how close I really get.....

Our plane leaves Singapore in 8 hours.

Have I packed?   No

Have I slept?  Not in the last couple of days

Have I done random tasks like cleaning packets of Kleenex and tons of hair accessories out of every purse and bag I own?  Definitely

Because that is going to make a HUGE difference in preparing me to leave Singapore for nine weeks.

And now I am hanging out on my computer updating the blog for the seven....I mean zero.....people that are sitting on the edge of their seats wondering if I will actually get packed in time to leave.

Oh!  I did find my missing Chuy's gift card from a good friend who happens to be the same good friend picking me up from the airport and taking me straight to Chuys.  I found it while cleaning out the random junk drawer in our desk.  The gift card is now safely in my purse.  A purse that is void of loose change, extra hair clips, and Kleenex packs.

I packed the boy's stuff which took about 5 minutes since they each have very few clothing items that actually still fit.

I worked my way through a stack of papers that have been sitting here for 3 months and filed everything away.

I peeled the extra glue off my eyelids left over from the false eyelashes I was sporting last night for a fun Indian dinner celebrating a friend.

I went and got my nails done because that is very important.  Not.

I completely forgot a doctor's appointment for Garrett to get a form signed for a camp he's attending this summer.  After some begging and pleading the nurse allowed us to come but refused to look at me or speak to me when I got there.  And I may or may not have stolen someone's taxi in our rush to make the appointment where I was ignored and shunned.

I found out that Garrett is over 5'7" and I immediately ordered him to stop growing.

I met up with friends for a last hoorah and fought back loads of emotion with the last round of good-byes.

I finished my 10th load of laundry today.  I would do laundry any day of the week over packing.
Any.  Day.

I sorted through all the random socks that have piled up for a year and after much contemplation, I threw away all the ones that don't have a partner.  It had to be done.

I've moved all my Singapore stuff out of my wallet and moved all my American stuff in.  American money, driver's license, and frequent shopper cards for 194 stores.  

I bought some plants for my apartment from a neighbor that is moving to California and quickly realized there was no way they could be moved without super human strength.  Then ensued a strategy meeting of dates and times and schedules of movers......revealing where our hidden key is, the promise from a friend to water the plants and figuring out where in the world I was going to put them.  The glitz and glamour of condo life!

I looked through Nathan's yearbook clinging to every moment of elementary school-dom that I can.  He is absolutely not allowed to grow up either.

I cleaned out my produce drawer since there's no way Scot is eating a bag of carrots, lettuce, 3 tomatoes, and some questionable bananas between now and when he leaves for a business trip on Sunday.

I spent some time wishing I had stopped eating cookies 97 days ago.

I actually put my suitcase in my room.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.

I spent time during my quiet time trying to come up with something inspiring to write as another year comes to a close in Singapore.

I've got nothing.  I wish I did, but nope.  Nothing.

I will say this.....I love Jesus and I really need to pack.

The end.


  1. I love Jesus, and I love you!! Praying for you!

  2. I love reading your blog. :) Makes me laugh about things that really should be funny....

  3. Oh my goodness. You are something else, Kerri...in a great way. You do realize that if you got on that plane with only your cleaned out purse you have a gaggle of friends who would throw a "clothe Kerri for the summer" shower. Seriously, as much as I admire you and, honestly, at times envy your life, I do not envy all the good byes you have to say on both continents. I am praying for strength, rest, motivation and that it will be a smooth trip. The cool thing is that if you don't sleep until you get on the plane, your flight will go that much faster ;) Love you big time. Thank you for being real....and go pack!

  4. You are so crazy....in the best way. You do realize that even if you got on the plane with just your cleaned out purse there would be a gaggle of friends ready to give you a "let's clothe Keri for the summer" shower. But seriously, as much as I admire you and honestly, at times, envy the life you live, I don't envy the "good byes" you have to say on both continents. I am praying for strength, rest, motivation and for everything to go smoothly. And look at it this way, if you don't sleep until you get on the plane, your flight will go faster! Love you big time.



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