May 10, 2011

Reading List

It is late and it's been an exhausting day. I took a trip to the dermatologist and it was confirmed what I've suspected for a few months now.

I'm getting old.

Throw in some 6th grade drama and a hard lesson learned in choosing the right friends to surround yourself with and I'm pretty much done.

So, I am going to take the easy way out on this post and highlight some folks that I love to read.

This is not a complete list since I will probably opt for this again on another night that has me seeing double before 10:00 p.m.

I do love to read. Despite the fun I was poking at using reading as a hobby in my last post, I do honestly love to read. When it comes to blogs, though, I have a relatively short list of those that I keep up with regularly.

A few of my favs......part 1.

This is Beth Moore's blog and I LOVE it! I have enormous respect for her as a Bible teacher. When we were in Houston I would go to her Bible study on Tuesday nights and would soak in every single word. She is real and honest and humble and she is hysterical. After volunteering for her ministry for awhile I can say that she's as authentic as they come and it comes across in her blog.

I have never met Marla in person and I'm not even sure how we became blog buddies but I adore her. She has three beautiful daughters and has a huge heart for missions....especially in Cambodia. She is currently trying to raise enough money to visit Cambodia this Christmas and we have high hopes of maybe meeting up there. I can't even imagine! She has written several books, does speaking gigs and is just all around a transparent and incredible woman! I am happy to call her friend!

Lisa is my friend here in Singapore. I stalked her at 4th grade orientation this year and we became good friends. We traveled together with Tiffany's family to Vietnam and Lisa wrote an amazing blog post recapping that trip. She journals her travels and has some great insight into what she sees. She doesn't blog often and I am linking her Vietnam blog post specifically. It was interesting to be surrounded by so much propaganda while there and it really made us think about how we perceived things. No need to reinvent the wheel so instead of writing about it myself, I'll just let Lisa tell the story! I adore her....she's been a very good friend to me!

Rhonda and I became blog buddies a couple of years ago. Like Marla, I'm not exactly sure how that happened. We had a chance to meet for the first time in January 2010 in Houston and it was so much fun! I saw her again at a Skillet/Toby Mac concert in Tyler, Tx a few months later.....which is the most random thing ever. She has some of the funniest stories to tell and then will turn around with one of the most thought provoking posts you've ever read. She is not overly verbose ( a trait I am trying to adapt, I promise you) and is very, very real and honest. She is actually one of only two friends that has sent me letters here in Singapore (not to make anyone feel guilty....but if any of you happened to have lost my address I'd be happy to resend it to you!). She is beautiful inside and out and I'm proud to call her a friend.

Ok, that's it for tonight. I'll save the other favs for another night.

It's off to bed with a bowl of apples and peanut butter and yet another crime drama.

Happy reading!


  1. I am speechless. I cried, hard, when I read your kind words. I am confident beyond any shadow of a doubt the Lord knitted this friendship and I, dear one, am the better for it. You are a blessing to me!

  2. I don't even know what to say to you, girl. You can't possibly adore me more than I adore you, I know that much.


    And I HATE that I have a half-baked package sitting here for you (waiting to add a couple more things to make it worth it for you). A thank-you note, some Scrabble magnets, a necklace...

    I'll mail it to you FRIDAY!! I promise!! And then I'll mail you another one when you get to Texas.

    I love you, friend, and I'm DYING to hug your neck (I learned that from my TX friends--we don't say it here).



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