May 26, 2011

Day Off

School is winding down. Homework is gloriously over. After school activities have ended.

That means the boys and I are splurging and having a movie night for the second night in a row.

On a weeknight.

I have a fresh key lime pie in the freezer right now and I'm not going to waste my time blogging.

In fact, I'm taking tomorrow night off too because I have a hot date with my husband who has been traveling the last 4 weeks. I have to soak up as much of him as I can because we will be separated for 7 weeks this summer and I'm going to miss him desperately.

One week left of this challenge and I can honestly say that I am getting really tired of me and I'm sure you are too!!



  1. Nope....loving them! Have a great night! Rhonda

  2. And I was just thinking how spoiled we've been to get a little Keri every day and hoping that you might just extend your challenge so we don't all go through withdrawals!

  3. I actually think you will leave more people disappointed than happy! Me for one!

  4. I totally forgot about that pie!! Must make it!!! (Did you get my package yet???)



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