May 11, 2011

Love In Any Language

Today was our last day of ESL so it was a party day for all the ladies. We started off in the assembly with a fun program put on by ladies from all different countries.

We had the ladies from Myanmar doing a traditional dance.

Forgive the poor quality of the pics but I was in charge of videotaping for one of the dancers and taking pics for our team leader so I was taking quick shots with my phone!

We had a group of women who sang in Chinese.

This is Betsy who is clearly not from India. She is one of the teachers and has learned Indian dance since living here.......she brought the house down! Loved it!!

The women were asked to dress to represent their country. There were several Japanese women dressed in kimonos and that was when I decided that someday I need to own a kimono of my own.

They were all so beautiful and the Japanese ladies that performed for us all made sure, in broken English, to dedicate their music to their families and friends in Japan. I can't even imagine what they have all been through in the last couple of months.

We had a slideshow of all the national flags for the countries these ladies were from and they stood when their flag was shown. It was fun to watch them get so excited to see their flag and clap and cheer for each other.

I have been so surprised at how much I love working with these women. I am not teaching them.....I am working on the administrative side of things.....but I still love the interaction I have with these precious ladies on Wed mornings.

The year is wrapping up as various commitments come to an end. It's hard to believe that 3 weeks from Friday the boys and I will be climbing on a plane to head home.

I may have to take some dancing lessons this summer!

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  1. After spending 3 months student teaching in Okinawa, I have a special place in my heart for Japan (wearing my Pray For Japan shirt as I type). I loooooove that you're experiencing so much of the world on your tiny island. Keep the awesome posts coming!!



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