May 18, 2011

The Post That Almost Wasn't

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to walk to the Botanic Gardens that are about a mile from my house. Garrett is usually the only one that goes with me and we love having lunch at a little outdoor restaurant there.

On a normal day during the week when I am wandering in the gardens I'll see many people doing Tai Chi and I love how it serene and calm. On the weekends you'll see much larger groups working on Tai Chi routines.

At least I think they call them routines. Except when I think of routines I think of drill team in high school and I've never seen a Tai Chi person yell 5...6...7...8 before starting.

We'll just call them Tai Chi movements. Except I live with boys so they have forever ruined that word for me.

How about this. On the weekends you'll see much larger groups working on Tai Chi.

Anyways, this past Saturday I couldn't resist this group that busted out the red fans and I had to stop and take some quick pictures.

Tonight I wondered what in the world I was going to write after a disaster of an evening....the kind where I was just irritated by the mere existence of my children and made sure they knew it. The kind of evening that makes one wonder if one day the college fund will be used for therapy instead. The kind of evening that means once again I will be modeling grace and humility to my boys when I walk into their rooms to ask for forgiveness for giving into my hormones when I know better.

I almost opted out of writing anything at all except I've stuck to this little challenge of mine......much better than the challenge of not eating anything fun. I thought I'd look through my pictures, see if there was one I could just slap up here, comment on it and call it a post.

As I was scrolling through the Tai Chi pics from Saturday I stopped at this one and just had to laugh. You see the poor lady to the left? She is obviously Tai Chi-ing to a different beat than everyone else.

That is how I feel tonight. A little out of sync with my normal routine. Actually, not just a little out of sync, enough that it's like having my big red fan waving in the air while everyone else has theirs behind their backs. I'm quite certain it was apparent to everyone around me this evening that I was indulging my bad attitude instead of getting myself in line to behave like the mature adult I supposedly am.


I got nothing else except to go snuggle with two guys I adore who need their mom to hug them and to let them know that my world would be completely desolate and empty without them. Just in case they were wondering.

Then I think I'll work on my routine. I guarantee the step I'm missing is the step where I spend time on my knees making sure my life is a little less about me and a whole lot more about Him....and the my life.


  1. I love this post and can totally relate. My life is a constant "red fan out of place" mess these days. I hope you got lots of hugs from the boys and all is right in your world!

  2. I've got tears stinging my eyes due to your last 2 paragraphs. Oh my goodness, you nailed me. Love you!

  3. LOVE this! I think all moms have been here -- I know I have! When you are feeling frazzled just put some Vaseline on your teeth, stick your nose in the air, smile, yell 5-6-7-8, do an about-turn and march the other way til you feel better!! :)

  4. Yep...pretty sure if you were state side we would have ourselves a good long cup of coffee and compare notes. Then we would pray for one another, hug each other, and go home and hug our MCs. Yep...pretty sure:)



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