March 30, 2009

4 Boys and a Bible

This afternoon I went to Starbucks to work on my stuff for Friday night.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love a Tall Chai Tea Latte.  Both of my sisters have been baristas at Starbucks and they introduced me to this wonderful, hot bit of goodness.  It did take me a long time to learn the name for some reason.....I kept ordering a Tall Tai Chi Latte.  Um, yeah, if you want to confuse someone at Starbucks, just order up a form of martial arts in a cup for yourself.  That'll do it.

I scored a big chair and was feeling pretty cool.  Had my iPod on, my iPhone at the ready in case someone needed me in a jiffy, and my spiral notebook out.  Spiral notebook?  Yep, they aren't just for 10 year olds.  They also come in handy for those of us who don't have laptops, but have serious work to do at Starbucks.  I was hoping all my iTech stuff would trump the spiral.  

Anyways, I'm a people watcher.  No one was more disappointed than I was when you could no longer watch people get off a plane and walk into the arms of a loved one.  I used to sit there and try to imagine what circumstance had brought people together.  I would cry during an incredibly touching reunion, cheer in my head when a boy thought to bring roses to greet his love, and feel sorry for the ones that were expecting someone only to be disappointed when their loved ones weren't present.  

I was sitting in my big chair, trying to concentrate when right outside the window I saw 4 gangly high school boys sitting at a table.  Most brought their own drinks and one was eating chips by tipping the bag right into his mouth.  One actually entered Starbucks to get a cup of water.  They were tall and goofy, laughing loudly at each other.  

Please understand that in getting ready for Friday night, I've been talking to a lot of teens and people who work with or live with teens.  It has been hard for me to not feel completely devastated by what our teens face on a daily basis.  It just seems impossible for any of them to pass through their teen years unscathed......most of them face situations that most adults I know would not be able to handle in a Christ-like way.  

For some reason I glanced out the window after the boys were settled.  And there I saw just what I needed to continue on.  

All four heads were bowed as they prayed.  

They were public, to a God that they were trying to model their lives after.  I was so moved because it was so unexpected.  They proceeded to talk to each other, take notes in spirals (told you I was cool), and open their Bibles.  

I wanted to jump out of my comfy chair and run out to them - just to tell them that I was proud of them for being strong.  I didn't, and I do regret that now.  I did take a picture of them......maybe I'll print it and tape it to the front of my spiral!


  1. Glimpses of hope.It is a sweet reminder of Who we serve. And I am the queen of notebooks- absoultely MUST write it out first, then laptop it. Will be praying for you this week. You will do great and Jesus will shine through:)

  2. Okay now I have tears in my eye and goose bumps on my arms. That ROCKS!!! See God wanted you to see that and share that.

  3. A small reminder that God is God, and He is still alive and about the business of being God, even in the lives of teenagers. I need phone time with you, my friend! Can't wait to hear more about Friday night!


  4. Wow- that gave me chills. I love to see teenagers who have a heart for God and are not afraid to show it. It is such a awkward stage of life and knowing that they are confident and bear witness to it at a Starbucks is fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing. I hope your preparation is coming along!




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