March 18, 2009

Change of Plans

**Update:  I am currently packing, getting ready to head out for the 'ol campground.  It doesn't help that I have, what I have self-diagnosed to be, a case of pneumonia.  Nothing like some good, fresh, East Texas air to cure that right up!  My boys....all 3 of them....are so excited and I felt that I could not let them down. 

I'm thinking one trip with a squealing, bug hating, showering-insisting mom will cure them all from extending the invite again.  This as an investment in future weekends alone.  Wish me luck........

Our original Spring Break plans included a trip to California to wander around San Francisco for a weekend with my parents, followed by a sight seeing trip to see those really big trees, whose name escapes me right now.  Then down to Southern California to see my Grandmother, brothers, sister-in-law, and nephew.  

After "That Day", we cancelled the trip.......or postponed it for another time.  Instead we are heading out tomorrow to go camping.......the kind that involves a tent.  And bugs.  And boys who laughed when I asked them how many changes of clothes they take.....apparently they don't believe in changing their clothes when camping.  

I love the outdoors......I really do.  Nothing moves me more than being alone in God's is just that I like to enjoy room service while admiring said creation.  I have to admit, I'm on the fence about going.  I originally agreed in the name of family togetherness.  I am just wondering if too much togetherness is really good for us.  Especially when my brand of togetherness tends to lean toward insisting on a new pair of underwear and brushed teeth on a daily basis.  I know, I'm a radical.  

In other Spring Break news......we are in charge of Scraffy, the 2nd grade pet hamster.  Our rotation with him began Tues and lasts until Thurs.  If you read about our experience with Buddy, you can understand my slight nervousness about taking on the class pet.  Who wants to have the mom who kills off the class pet?  N would be socially doomed for all eternity if something happens to sweet Scraffy.  I swear, Barnes, our 90 pound mutt, licks his lips every time he sees Scraffy.  Scraffy looks like nothing more than a Snacky to Barnes.

I did get to go on a date with my 10 year old today.  Scot and N are in College Station watching the Aggies get their hineys kicked in a baseball game against UNM.  G and I went to go see Race to Witch Mountain.  It was a VERY entertaining much better than I had anticipated. We then went out for wings and I was once again amazed at how much my 5 foot tall 10 year old can put away in one sitting.  Scot better get on with finding a job because feeding these boys is going to get more and more expensive.  

Scot has vivid nightmares, I mean memories, of going home with me for Christmas and watching my 6'8" brother order an appetizer, salad, and TWO entrees....devouring it all.  We may quickly gain some sort of appreciation for the Golden Corall Buffet.   

Professional photography is most certainly not in my future, but you get the idea.  Please pray for me as I make the important decision of going camping......tent, bugs, dirty underwear....or staying home. myself.......where it is relatively clean and I'd have an entire king size bed all to myself.  


  1. It will be FUN chica.....

    Hey please keep us in your prayers...Mark had a meeting with his boss/partner this week. He was advised to start looking around for options because they may not have a job in the very near future. So Mark start searching yesterday. Crazy times we are in.....

  2. camping- boys will love grossing mom out!

  3. The trees are called Giant Redwoods. They are amazing. Sorry you missed it.



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