March 22, 2009

A couple more things and an excuse to post another picture......

A couple of things I forgot to mention in the "I Survived" post......

1.  After getting home and taking a long hot shower, without being on the constant lookout for large bugs, I spent some quality time with my best friend, the Tweezerman Tweezers.  I innocently stepped up to the mirror and almost took out my eye with the tweezers I was so frightened.  Yes, I will be one of those woman who has to enlist a good friend to visit the nursing home 3 times a week for plucking duty.  

I derived some sort of comfort in thinking that maybe the extreme chilly conditions in the evening was invoking some sort of bodily response to produce fur, I mean hair, to keep me warm. It was truly horrifying.  And while I am all about honesty here on this blog, I don't love you guys enough to chronicle my transition to Wolf Woman in photos.  I'm sure the mental image is scary enough.  

2.  I did successfully encourage all 3 of my boys to shower and change underwear one time in the 2.5 days we were there.  That was my biggest goal, so all and all, the trip was a success.  In case I was met by refusals, I had about 3 friends on standby for an emergency extraction if I had to sleep with 3 very dirty, smelly men people and a dog.  I do have my limits.

3.  I was in complete awe of the night sky and all the stars.  Yes, I've seen many stars in my day, but there were so many and they were incredibly bright.........Lite Brite kind of bright.  I was humbled and my inner self bowed a knee to my Maker.  He placed every star in the sky and yet still knows me by name.  This city girl just doesn't feel worthy sometimes.


  1. Let me just say how very proud I am of you to tackle camping! I used to go as a kid all the time, but now the thought of it just makes me itch all over!!!

    I am glad you went and happy you shared your experience with us!!

    Take care!

  2. How fun that you went camping Keri!! We used to do it all the time with our kids. They all still like it - but the two daughters-in-law...well, not so much! So now we get cabins instead of tents. In fact, we just took all (but 1) of our grandchildren to a cabin on the Frio River over Spring Break. Check out my daughter's blog for pics (she robbed all my pics for her blog!!).
    Also wondered if you would email me with your email address. I told my son who works for GE about your husband losing his job and he asked me if your husband could send him his resume to pass around his company. Great company to work for! Because of many foreign markets - they seem to still be going strong. my email is
    Maybe I'll see you at LPM on inventory day (May 1). I am actually getting to volunteer that day!! Hope you can too!
    Miss you, Julie



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