March 26, 2009


On April 3, I will be speaking at a teen girl's event at our church called "Rejuvenate".  It is going to be an incredible event for these girls, complete with a Guy Panel.  What I would have done for a Guy Panel when I was in high school.

Um, yeah.  So, you know, how do guys feel about, like totally, being wrestled to
the ground as a sign of affection?

To say that I was awkward in high school is an enormous understatement.  I never even learned to stuff my bra correctly, even though my good friend donated hours of her time to the cause.  But then she dotted all her i's with a heart and I could never get that one down, either.

I grew up going to a Christian school and then went to Baylor University which is a Baptist college in Waco.  To tell you that it was easy for me to lead a Christian lifestyle is a gross understatement.  I learned a ton about God, His love for me, His character, the Bible......I was a pro at memorizing scripture.  Don't even try to race me in finding the book of Joel, I will beat you every time.   

I left college after getting my Master's degree and moved to Houston.  That, my friends, is when the wheels came off.  You see, I knew a lot.......but a lot of that knowledge was head knowledge.  It didn't take up residence in my heart.  When I moved out of an environment that was "easy" and into a life where I had to CHOOSE to seek out God and spend time with Him, I failed. Miserably.  

On April 3, I have to stand in front of girls that face things every day that would make most women my age crumble.  I have to stand there and tell them something that will make a difference.  I could talk about their self-esteem.  I could talk about who they are in Christ.  I could talk about guarding their hearts.

But, will it matter the next time they are in a situation where they have to choose between right and wrong in a split second?

I feel like God is telling me to share more about having a real, solid relationship with Him.  A personal, pick His voice out of the screaming chaos in our heads, kind of relationship.  You see, those things I could talk about are important, very important, but don't matter unless there is a relationship present that makes you care about the kind of life you live.

The problem is that I have only really figured this out for myself in the last year or so.  The complete devotion to finding out more about the One I serve.  The absolute craving of time spent alone with Him.  Wanting to live my life in a way that is pleasing to Him.  Being excited about the plans He has for me no matter how much it stretches me to an uncomfortable limit.  

I so, so, so, so wish I had not wasted so many years.  My relationship with God has always been genuine, my love has not.  I know that sounds harsh, but I'm just being honest.  

So, my challenge is to communicate with these sweet girls the absolute importance of falling in love with their Savior.  I'm excited about the way I'm going to share this with them.  God has definitely been working with me on that.  It is going to be real, honest, and relevant for where they are today.  And I am working extra hard at being super cute that night.....because that matters to them, too.  

I would love to hear some input from some of you.  If you don't want to comment here, or don't know how, please email me at

Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, something drives the decisions you make.  What is it?  As a Christian, do you feel like your relationship is more head knowledge or heart knowing?  At what point did your relationship with Christ drive the choices made in your life?  

Believe me, there is not going to be any judging on my part.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am one of God's most frustrating children.  I drive him absolutely nuts, I'm sure.  Dumb choices, wacky priorities, bad living.........I've done it all.  I'm just looking for more insight because I feel incredibly unqualified to teach these girls.  

Which probably makes it a perfect scenario because God is going to have to do all the talking.


  1. I will never forget the conversation I had with God when I was hearing Him call me to switch church campuses and go into youth ministry. My biggest complaint to Him while we were having our 'discussion' was:

    "But God - I can't do this. I have nothing to say to these students!"

    His reply,

    "You're right. But I have everything to say to them."

    I admire your obedience and I have no doubt God will show up big time to this event. I'm so proud of you!

    Can I wear a t-shirt that night that says, 'This is my sister' (with an arrow pointing to you)? :)


  2. You know, I feel that way often, as though I'm such a frustrating child to God. I think one of the biggest things for me was learning that I am enough. Just me as I am. I used to think "once I do this, I'll be a good Christian. Once I read my bible every day, once I sin less, once I..." But the pressure that came with that was too intense to survive that kind relationshop with God. Once I learned that He made me, He is okay with, I am enough just like that made a huge difference. It made me want to pursue a deeper relationship because I understood that He really did love me, that I didn't have to earn it.

  3. You are going to do an amazing job! I know God will give you exactly the right things to say.

    I am very passionate about teen girls ... it is the time I spent working with Teen Moms. I so badly want to empower them ... help them to love themselves ... to encourage them to grow in their relationship to God.

    *sigh* You will be great!!

  4. uh, keri... just share with them what you just shared in your post. that was great, honest and from the heart. teenage girls aren't going to listen if you aren't being totally honest, for some reasons, they can tell when it's all just talk and not real, know what i mean? i think you'll do great and i wish i could come!

  5. Keri,
    I've been reading your blog for a little while, but I don't think I've commented before. I just wanted to say that I agree with the other comments. Just be yourself and be as transparent as you can. I have a special place in my heart for teenage girls, because I know all the mistakes I made and I wish I could help all of them avoid the same ones. The best advice I ever got was "don't give up what you want the most for something that you think you want right now." I wish someone had explained that to me when I was a teenage girl!

  6. Keri, I'll email you my thoughts, but I did just want to say that this post is amazing. And if God uses you through speaking even half as much as he does through your writing, you are going to rock the place. You are gifted, my friend!

  7. I agree with them all. You will do a great job of submiting yourself to Him, and He will do great and untold things through you! I will be praying for you:)

  8. great post, keri !! and i agree, just be honest with those girlies and they will see you for who you are, IN CHRIST !!! i too wish i wouldnt have wasted so many years apart from Him. Im 51 and didn't become a Christian until i was 41, and even then, didnt serve Him. I didn't know anything about that, UNTIL i got hooked up to a church that had wonderful ministry leaders seeking to lead the lost and newborns into a relationship with the Lover of our Souls !!! man, what a difference that made for me.... i'll quit rambling.... have a great time...

    your new friend in wichita,



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