March 03, 2009

On a lighter note......

I want to thank all of you who have reached out after hearing the news about Scot's job loss.  We have both been humbled by the support and love......there are no words to adequately express how I feel.  I will keep everyone posted as we go along - you are a part of this story now, whether you like it or not!

Ok, since I "Lent-ed" myself out of sweets for the next several weeks, I have been escaping our reality by watching other's reality on TV.  I do watch The Bachelor.  There I said it.  I am usually horrified by the way 25 women will fall victim to every female stereotype out there for some guy that probably won't pick them anyways.....but I can't help but watch.

I am currently doing the Esther Bible study written by Beth Moore.  It's amazing how similar The Bachelor is to the exact process those sweet girls went through so King Xerxes could find a different Queen.  Guess what ABC?  The concept is not a new all.  Since I was able to find a correlation between my Bible study and The Bachelor, I feel that gives me grounds to watch.  Ok, maybe that's a when I was in high school and was not allowed to listen to secular music and one day my mom caught me listening to Journey's Separate Ways and I convinced her it was a song about our choice to take the wide well traveled road or go a Separate Way down the straight and narrow.  I totally got away with that one!  

If you did not watch yourself, you have surely heard about the craziness of last night's rose ceremony.  I am not going to recap.....I'll leave that to this expert or this one.  I do have to throw out a couple of thoughts.

1.  I watched the show with my sister and 2 friends, Richele and Janah.  These girls are godly women and I had to laugh as they ranted and raved against Jason as the night went on.  They never crossed the line, but it's amazing how insulting you can be just using words like "fruit loop" or "hiney".  

2.  We women can be VERY tough on each other.  Whether we know the woman or not, we are tough, tough, tough.  No matter which pair of stilettos you were voting to see step out of that limo first for the final rose or how you felt about the dress and hair style choices of Molly and Melissa, women across America united in their complete DISGUST of how Melissa was treated by Jason.  Those cheering on Molly and shedding a tear right along with our overly emotional Bachelor as he clung to the railing of his fake house after sending Molly on her way, turned on a dime and started yelling at the very large TV at their friend's house that they wished he would just hurl himself over the edge of the aforementioned wailing rail.  We can be mean to each other, but DO NOT throw us under the bus on national TV or we will come undone and start boycotting the show.....and anyone named Jason.  

The problem is that I loved Jillian and she's the next Bachelorette......and watching a bunch of goofy guys entertain themselves in a big house is a lot of fun.  Hmmmmmm......I'll have to see what Esther thinks about that.


  1. HA! Sorry...didn't read post in lost me at "I watch The Bachelor".

    So many girls are talking about this show on their blogs.... I don't watch tv. My tv doesn't turn off of the disney channel unless Mark is home and then its on FOX NEWS watching the market tape.


    Still praying for you.

    When you coming in town?

  2. While I think The Bachelor is ridiculous and I don't watch it...I can't help but think even those pathetic girls (who are willing to kiss and caress on a guy they know has done the same thing with at least 12 other girls right before them) are looking for what we all want...someone to love them for who they are and someone to spend the rest of their life with. It’s very lonely being single, so I can’t blame them for their desperation to be picked.

  3. I don't watch the show but sooooo wish I had after hearing all the hub-bub and uproar casued by this episode!!

    Nice manipulation story, by the way. We got really good at that as kids, didn't we?!




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