June 27, 2009

Hello from sunny Florida!! I take no responsibility for the randomness of this post as I officially have Beach Brain.

First of all, my sweet husband surprised me on the beach Thursday with champagne and the news that he had been officially offered the job he was hoping for. I screamed, my friend screamed, I cried, and then I drank champagne. It was a moment I will remember forever. It is oddly bittersweet for me as the 4 plus months of unemployment come to an end. It has been an incredibly bonding and intimate time for Scot and I and the boys. It has been wonderful to watch God provide for us in ways I could have never imagined. My heart is so tender about my relationship with my Lord that I find I can not even put into words what the last 4 months have done for me spiritually. I pray that doesn't change.

The big news is that there is a 90% chance we will be moving to Singapore next summer. The percentage is probably higher, except I know very well how much things can change in a year. We would live there 2-3 years and then return to Houston. We did break the news to the boys....and pretty much got the reactions I expected.

G is ready to leave next week......no turning back.

N was more emotional with his initial fear being that he wouldn't be able to communicate with anyone there. He felt much better when we told him most speak English. He has asked a lot of questions, is concerned about where we would live when we got back, etc.

Overall, we are excited about the adventure of living overseas. The board had to agree on Scot's employment based on us living there so it looks like it will happen. Between now and then, I'm going to have to find some kind of love for Chinese food and stock up on as many pants from The Tall Girl store as I can!!

I have some fun beach pictures I would love to post, but I am having to borrow a computer just to post this and have no way to post pictures. I have been given the opportunity to stay two more weeks...........still trying to decide if I should shun all responsibilities at home to stay. Seems I am more controlling about those things than I thought!! (Scot, stop rolling your eyes!)

It was important to me that I fill you guys in on the news since several of you have been an incredible prayer support for me and my family. I do not take that for granted at all and appreciate it more than you'll ever know!! I have missed keeping up with everyone's blogs.....I informed Scot that it would be a tremendous help to me if I had a laptop to keep up with what my bloggy friends are doing when I'm on vacation. I will spare you the details of his reaction! Suffice it to say, I don't see that happening any time soon!

I miss you all........I'll be back after the 4th!


  1. Awesome. I love hearing the excitement in your words and I can totally see your expression on your face. Congratulation to Scott and your family. God is amazing and so generous and so loving.

    I am happy for your new adventures. Enjoy every bit of it.

  2. Congratulations!!! I am so excited or you and your family. it has been awesome to see God's provision unfold for your family! And Singapore!! WOW!! We have got to meet each other in person BEFORE you move!!!!!

    Enjoy Sunny Florida. Don't rush home to the HOT HOT Texas sun!!


  3. So happy for you guys! What an adventure the Lord has for you all! Singapore- I echo Becca WOW! And we have to meet face to face! The beach for 2 more weeks sounds awesome! Enjoy the family time and the friend time! rhonda

  4. Congratulations Keri!We are so happy and excited for your new adventure! I completely know what you mean about treasuring your relationship with the Lord after these last few months. I grew so much as we struggled a few months back and know that I wouldn't change what we went through!
    Enjoy more time at the beach! It is not that often those kind of opportunities come along! We have definitely been enjoying Lisa and look forward to all of us getting together when you get back!

  5. YEA!!! That is excellent Keri!!

    Have wonderful time on your vacation!

  6. Dear Keri,

    The Lord truly does "exceedingly abundant above all we can ask or think." With all the prayers that have gone up for God's provision, it is really special to get to see the answer to those prayers. And I am blessed by your excitement, as you have obviously been prepared for this new adventure. I am sure the Lord is already going before you to prepare a place for you.

    After having the privilege of living in another country for several years, I am even more excited for you and your family. You know how God took our years in Japan and used them to gives us hearts of love for the Japanese people, thus our ministry to the Japanese today. God has a way of expanding our vision in amazing ways that impact our prayers, attitudes, perspectives, desires, values and even our world view. This will be quite an education for you and the boys.

    We rejoice with you, but we won't stop praying now! Thanks for sharing your journey. It is a blessing to get to see what He is doing in your lives.

    With love, Suzanne

  7. ...and a new journey begins! You know I am so incredibly excited not only for Scot's new job but for a completely new experience for your family. The bonding you have experienced during these past few months is preparation for taking on a new country. You all will have a blast and be a closer family because of it. Can't wait to hear details! For now, just enjoy that beach and stay as long as possible!


  8. Wow!! Look at the adventure God is bringing to your family!!

    I totally can't relate to the Tall Girl stuff, though. Naw, I'm a li'l challenged there...

  9. Tears of joy! Thank God! It is beautiful to hear you praising Him through this. What a testimony to say you don't want the closeness it has brought to end.

    Singapore!!! I am excited for you! What an adventure. It will be so great for the boys to be exposed to the language there at such a young age. They will have very little accent if any at all.

    I am so glad you got such a wonderful surprise on your vacation! I look forward to hearing more from you.

  10. I am so happy for you, Keri!! How exciting this new phase of your life is going to be!! Thank goodness for the computer and blogging and facebook to keep in touch! P.S. I will be happy to shop for you and ship an emergency supply of jeans for you (I may even try to sneak in some Creamy Jalapeno Dip!!)

  11. Wow! It sounds like there's some exciting stuff going on in your life right now! I wish you all the best in the coming years and look forward to hearing more about it!

  12. Keri,

    We got to write about BFFs on Monday for Friend Makin' Monday, and of course I had to include you! I did not say any hateful things about you getting to hang out on the beach for 3 weeks, even though I am majorly jealous of you!

    I'll come to Houston so we can go watch Fame! together, by the way!


  13. Wow, Keri! I read your blog and was surprised. Congratulations, and I'll be eager to hear how this all plays out. Isn't God full of surprises?

    Hope y'all are doing well. I'd love to see you and your boys. Cannot believe how long it's been.

  14. I posted yesterday and think I moved forward without hitting "post comment."

    I came over to your blog to ask you to participate in some research I'm doing on mommyblogging. Please come visit me at reflectionsofasheepishlion.blogspot.com and help me out?

    Would love to see you. Mom said it's been since your wedding that I saw you and your family. Has it been that long? Insane! So hope to see you soon...before you start globetrotting (how exciting)!



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