June 15, 2009

He's Back!!

Never mind the fact that G came home from California looking 5 years older than when he left...

He also had an incredible chance to bond with his Grandma and PaPa.

Learning how to skip rocks.

There is a part of me that really wishes school was still like this. Without the Dunce hat and ruler whacking, of course!

Hanging out at a train museum with a new friend. G takes after his dad who will spend 17 hours in a museum reading EVERY SINGLE plaque. Don't get me wrong, I love a good museum, but I can make it through one in an hour flat.

Veteran's War Memorial

Getting the chance to model how they amputated in the old days. My mom looks like she's ready to jump in at the first sight of blood. They promise me all the instruments were dull. I'm still wondering if any of the onlookers were scarred for life after this!

Zip line......understand that my child is deathly afraid of heights. This was a HUGE deal. He overcame his fears and loved it enough to go twice!

Panning for gold. This is Miner John helping G find gold. He did not find enough to pay off our house, but he came home with a few specks!

One of many souveniers. This jaunty 'ol cap looks so cute on him!

G, I am happy to have you home!! I missed your sweet smile. What a great opportunity to travel alone to visit your Grandparents. There's a whole world out there to explore! I can't wait for your next adventure!


  1. How awesome, Keri! Looks like he had a grand ol' time. He will never forget it! But as a Mama, I know you're glad he's home safe and sound. ;-)

    PS- I want to zip line!!! Looks like so much fun!!

  2. Looks like so much fun. Know you are glad to have him home safe & sound! We need all our chickies under one roof.

  3. How much fun for him!! I just waved goodbye to my 2 kiddos as they head to Illinois with their Grandma & PaPa for a week. I hope they have as much fun as G did!!!

    Hop on over to my latest post- I am hosting a flip flop exchange!!


  4. It looks like he had a fantastic time! So proud of him for doing the zip-line, and so proud of YOU for letting him go by himself!

    Ah, we're ALL growing up!


  5. Wow, amazing photos!!! You are such a blessed woman, Keri...

  6. WOW!! He looks like he had a wonderful time!! I am thinking about asking to go on a trip with Grandma and PaPa. They look like alot of fun!!

  7. WOW!! Can I go on a trip with Grandma and PaPa next time? It is so obvious they had a wonderful time!!



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