June 09, 2009

Flying Solo

G was on the plane ready to go when I got a text from my dad. Apparently they had overbooked the plane.......surprise, surprise.......and were giving a $350 voucher to anyone willing to give up their seat. My thumbs were in overdrive as I texted back....TAKE IT!! So, G is scheduled for a flight tomorrow where he gets to ride in first class PLUS he scored an extra day with Grandma and Grandpa. Now the only question is, who should get the voucher??

This morning I said good-bye to G and off he went to the airport for his first solo airplane ride. He went to California to hang with the Grandparents for 6 days. It's what you get to do around here when you turn 10.

I already miss him like crazy. It's the knowing that I won't see him for days that's just killing me! I am super excited for him.......my parents have a ton in store for him and it's going to be an incredible experience. They are living in Sacramento right now, in a loft apartment, in the downtown area. My little boy is going Urban for the week.

Apparently there are plans to go panning for gold. N suggested that if G strikes it rich, he could pay off our house. Hmmmmm.........

Then there is the zip line, capitol building, the movie Up, a train museum, the farmer's market......it is tough, tough, tough being G right about now!

The up side is that we get N all to ourselves this week. He has 2 sleepovers planned with friends and is going to a Father Son Camp-In at our church this weekend.

His morning started out like this:

Then off he went with Scot for his summer haircut:

Again, this summer, he is wanting blue tips on the mohawk.
The ladies at my Bible study tonight voted, much to my surprise, to
allow the blue tips........I don't know that my Grandmother could stand it!

On a final note. Two friends and I decided to start a summer weight loss group. Accountability being key in these things, we weighed in together last night. No, we didn't go as far as sports bras and spandex shorts channeling our inner Biggest Loser, but it was almost as bad. I had weighed myself at home earlier in the day so I wouldn't be shocked. Well, that backfired BIG TIME when I weighed a whopping NINE pounds heavier on my friend's scale.

It is what it is and I am now doing something about it. Just looking at this bowl of fruit and veggies makes the weight fall off! If only it was that easy!


  1. Next week you should all weigh in at your house. You will have already dropped 9 pounds without doing a thing! Have a great week with N. LOVE the "summer" haircut -- you are one cool Mom!

  2. I know you will miss G terribly, but just think of how much fun fun fun he will have while he's with Grandma and Grandpa! But no matter how much sweets they stuff him with, or how late they let him stay up, or how many cool things they take him to do, he will be glad to come home to Mom and Dad. And you will all be refreshed!

    Impressive fruit and veggie bowl by the way! Is that tomatoes and avocados in there? Is it wrong that I thought what a delicious salsa and guacamole that would make?? Only when eaten with the perfect tortilla chips of course. Ok, ok, I know I'm not helping...just hungry! Have a great day and enjoy the heck out of N!! LOVE the mohawk, too! I def think you should let him dye the tips blue...it IS summer after all. Plus if it drives you completely crazy, you can always shave it. Ha!

  3. You are such a delight. I can't help but smile when I read the blog- cause my life is just about as real! So glad we are bloggy friends.I am blessed because of it.

  4. Okay so how was it actually letting him get on that plane alone? I fly Hunter every summer up to the cape. This year Mark asks me when does Hunter start flying alone. I quickly with a firm look said "when I decide that."

    Then after he got my point, I said.... maybe around 10, just not this year.

    Sigh. I hate even thinking about that. Even 10 seems so young, but I have been on flights with kids flying solo as young as 5 and I would sit by them and keep them company. I felt better knowing they were sitting by some weirdo telling them some crazy story. Seriously, I think they should make it to so not any stranger can sit next to kids flying solo, they should have their own front row.

    Anyways, how did he like it?

    I need more info, I will be going through this one day.

  5. Keri...I never know quite how to respond to questions! Do I respond to them on my own comments, or like this and leave my response on yours?! Ha! I have no idea! But this will work for now! I had the intention of just picking one from one of the 4 books and doing it daily...but some of them are short and sweet, which is perfect for some (many!) days. But for others when you want, or have, more than 5 minutes the ones with the activities are more involved, obviously. So this week I have been doing a short one plus a longer one, with the exception of last night which was skipped all together (oops!), because we've had more time. And the kids requested it! I was afraid to do too much for fear of "burn out," for me and them. I am just trying to keep it simple and even paced!

    I ended up with 4 books just because I couldn't choose! I figured I would use them, so I just got them all~



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