June 19, 2009

We are outta here!

In a few short hours we are loading up the family car and headed East on I-10 to Florida for a week. Lord, make our car sprout wings so we can get there quickly!

Just so you know how perfect God's timing is.........Scot is 90% employed. All that's left is signing on the dotted line. All discussions have been had, with both sides agreeing on all the fine print, it just needs to be made official!

I know you are all expecting me to be jumping up and down....and I am, I promise. The jumping is a cautiously optimistic jumping until the dotted line is signed. BTW, why do we say "dotted line"? I don't think anything I've ever signed has ever been a dotted line.

Ok, focus Keri. It's midnight and I'm one of those freaky people that can not leave on vacation without a clean house so I have a long night ahead of me. And for any of you reading this who know where I live and see this as a perfect opportunity to play some not-so-Christ-like pranks while we're gone?? The big dog and my sister will both be here so Beware!!

Back to the point of this post. God's timing is wonderfully perfect because Scot can go with us this week and truly enjoy the vacation. This new job will require Scot to be in China as early as mid-July with many, many, many trips to Asia to follow, so we are going to soak up every single minute of him that we can!

I have many more exciting details regarding this new job to share, but not yet........suffice it to say, it's going to be a wild ride for our little family!!


  1. Oh Keri - how wonderful! Not so great that he will be gone, but the Lord has plans and it will work out beautifully! The house cleaning thing not so weird. I and a couple of my friends are the exact same way. Someone was saying a few weeks back how their spouse always has to wash the car before a trip - every time. Have a great trip!

  2. Congratulations (cautiously!) on the job! The LORD will provide! How great! Have fun on your vacation and definitely "soak up every minute." Be safe!!

  3. Ok ... I'm just finally checking in on everyone. That is exciting news! Looking forward to hearing more once things are more concrete.

    Have a WONDERFUL & safe trip!

  4. Congratulations on the job!

    Florida, that's my home state. Prepare yourself, it's very HOT and super HUMID here! Your hair will not be you friend in this weather!



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