June 18, 2009


I went shopping for a new swimsuit today.

That's it.......I got nothing else to say. I'm still getting over that 2 hours in my life I'll never get back!


  1. One word for swim suit shopping ... BOO!!

  2. UGGHH -- That is worse than the dentist and OB/GYN put together.

  3. Oh my gosh...I know what you mean. And isn't it just WRONG that the size bathing suit you fit into is one or two sizes larger than you regular size!??!? What's up with that!
    PS: Just read through some of you older post and discovered you are a big fan of Liz Jordan...ME TOO! I read her blog and 365 Photos and Stripes but don't know her in person. I SAW her at The Guild shop near Montrose a few weekends back but didn't say hi. I gues I was being shy. So...I told her in a comment on her blog that I saw her and she emailed back...LIZ JORDAN emailed me back and said SUSAN...I can believe you didn't say hi! I told her I view her as sort of a Houston Famous person and didn't want to interrupt her. She replied "She hoped she wasn't picking her nose or something"..LOL.

  4. Not my favorite thing to do at all. Hope the recovery is going well:) How did the bible study go?



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