July 13, 2009

Running with Angels

**UPDATE** This is our new bundle of love, Miss Grace. Yes, it was very fast, but totally a God thing. The look on G's face when I told him we could get her was priceless. She will be a whopping 6 pounds fully grown.......we never thought we would be small dog people, but seems we could all use a little cuddling these days.

Yes, I am home from Florida. It was an incredible trip in a ton of ways. The entire 10 hour drive home I was thinking about all the insightful, witty things I wanted to share with all of you on this blog when I got home. It was surprisingly refreshing to be forced to break up with my computer for 3 weeks.....but we are back together now. Sweet Mac, how I missed you!

All the witty, insightful entries are being usurped after the morning I had. Scot left for China on Sunday (back into the swing of things around here) and today started VBS for the boys at our church.

I was up every 45 min. last night to let our dog out and was getting pretty irritated as my chances at a full nights sleep were slipping away. This morning I realized he had messed quite a bit in the house last night as well. I was scheduled to start back at Living Proof this morning, but called and postponed so Barnes and I could go for a visit to the vet.

It was obvious after about 10 min with the vet that Barnes was an old guy that had too many problems to fix and it was time to let him go. I was crying uncontrollably........how in the world do I do that? How do I sign on the dotted line?

I called Scot in China and he talked me through the decision and was hating that he wasn't here for us. My sister high tailed it to the vets office to be there......she loved Barnes as much as we did. He used to sleep with her in his younger, more sprightly days when Lisa lived with us. We were a mess........hugging him, adding our tears to the many we've shed into his coat in the past when we just needed some non-judgemental comfort. He knew he was very loved.

Hands down the hardest part was telling my boys. They do not know life without Barnes......my tender hearted 10 year old has openly wept for the last hour. I feel helpless....completely unable to take that kind of pain away. Honestly? I'm not handling it much better, myself.

I want to click my heels and go back to Florida...........


  1. Keri, I am totally typing this through tear-filled eyes...I'm low on hormones anyway, girl...geez! Bless your heart...I am so sorry for your family's loss. Our Tanner passed away a year ago in August, he was eleven...same age as Zach, and he took it the hardest. Like you said, he had never known life without Tanner. Give your boys (and yourself) extra hugs from Missouri. Go flip through the scrapbooks and look at pictures, and afterwards go get some ice cream...it helps, I promise. Love to you~
    ~After all, all dogs go to heaven right?

  2. Praying for you & your boys. It is a sad loss.

  3. Awe....I am so sad. What an awful thing to deal with. My parents thought they were going to have to do that two weeks ago, and my friends brother's dog was recently found dead in the pool. He was also old, and got in the pool like always, but this time unable to get himself out. Its seems like the sad week of pets.

    I am glad you enjoyed your time in Florida and that all travels went smooth.

    I am sorry and I can't imagine the day when we lose Milo or shilo...my kids do not know life with out them either.

    Feel better....he was a beautiful dog.

  4. Keri I am so sorry. You and yours are in my prayers tonight.

  5. Oh I am so sorry to hear that!! I bet the hardest part was telling the kids...I can't imagine!!

    But I LOVED the update at the top. She is precious. What kind of dog is she? We have a small dog and love him to pieces.

    Hope she helps heal that wound.


  6. She is very cute and cuddling will be required I am sure. Of course you will have to get her from G, but I bet you can sneak a few! You guys are in my prayers with Scot away- I know it is hard on you all. But I also know you guys are relying on the One and Christ will be with you the entire way:)

  7. Keri, what a whirl-wind. Just when you thought things were about to settle down... Your new little Grace is precious -- I'm glad you didn't wait to get a new pup. A house without the pitter-patter and panting of a dog can be very quiet and lonely. Sad to say goodbye to Barnes, but what a great life he had with you and Scot!

    Go love on that sweet Grace, and know that I'm sending lots of love your way.

    Can't wait to hear about the beach and Scot's new adventures.


  8. Keri, Thank you for answering my questions about your blogging. No you are not too late.

    I came over to visit your blog, expecting a happy, "I'm back from vacation" post, and found your sad news about your doggie. I didn't understand that attachment until a few months ago, but now that I do, I'm so sorry. What a loss. Thank God for little Gracie; she may be small, but I think she will help fill a big void.



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