July 23, 2009

Grace and Barnes

Falling in love

Loving her very cute and trendy bed

Grace died this morning and my heart is very heavy. Two very different dogs have turned my world upside down these last two weeks. I have to believe that big 'ol Barnes and sweet little Grace are running around together in heaven.

But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air,
and they will teach you........In His hand is the life of every creature
and the breath of all mankind. Job 12: 7 and 10

I was hit hard this morning while I was holding Grace, bawling into her fur. I am mourning the loss of a puppy I knew for less than a week, wanting assurance she is in heaven, and yet people come and go in my life on a daily basis and my concern for their final destination can be very miniscule at times.

Lord, give me a heart for people who need to find You. I pray that people will see You through me and that I will have a heart for all of Your creatures.


  1. Dear Keri,

    I can't even tell you what your comments have done in my heart, as I sit here...challenged and in tears. Such truth. I was instantly reminded of an old song about how we pass by people every day and don't even consider the pain, struggles and questions in their lives. The chorus reminds us that "People need the Lord..." Now, I must ask the Lord to change my attitudes and actions to reach out in a new way, and give me the boldness to do so.

    I have discovered that "pro-life" is not a moral or political issue, but is an attitude toward loving and defending all of life with my heart. Thank you for reminding me again of the preciousness and value of life.

    How thankful I am that God is the God of all comfort...and may He bring healing and comfort to you and to your boys.

    I love you, Suzanne

  2. I am so very sorry. I will be praying for you and your boys. And your perspective is very good. Your heart is shining through & it is a beautiful one.

  3. Okay so now the pictures make me all teary-eyed..... Im sorry you are going through this.

  4. Bless your sweet heart...and the young and innocent heart of your boys. I will say extra strength and peace prayers for your family. Keep your chin up, darlin. And, I don't know, maybe try more ice cream. ;-)

  5. Keri I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you.

  6. Keri, don't you wish that we could learn these truths an easier way?! I'm so glad little Grace was lucky enough to be loved by you for a week. She and Barnes are probably smacking on some kibble right now swapping stories about how much they were loved. Wishing I could take the sadness from you, my friend.

  7. I am so sorry for this Keri. She looks all too perfect too. On a brighter note, you made my day today! I received my package today!! loved loved it! and blogged about it!!

  8. Precious posting that reminds us Who gives and Who takes away. He has a mighty purpose for you and will use even a week with a beautiful puppy to complete His good work.

    I also don't think her name was a coincidence....

    May God give you grace as you grieve and teach your boys to lean on Almighty God through these difficult times. (Oh, for the day when death is no more!)



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