July 16, 2009

Happy Place

Have you ever been in a situation where someone tells you to go to your "Happy Place"? Usually this is used as a sort of distraction for something very unpleasant or as a means to relax us......like before you get stuck with a big needle.

Every time I had to go to my "Happy Place", my mind would start jumping all over the place. How do you pick one? I knew the expectation was a bubbling brook, big oak tree kind of image, but as much as I think that's beautiful, it never induced the emotion it's supposed to.

I am happy to report that I now have a "Happy Place". Believe me, I have gone back there many, many times in the last week! Yes, the ocean was incredible. Yes, we had some gorgeous weather. Surprisingly, what I miss the most? The quiet of it all. For three weeks there was absolutely nowhere I had to be. No commitments pulling me in different directions and nothing to distract me from my kids.

On the 4th of July, it was just the boys and me. We spent the day at the beach and then went back for fireworks that night. It was interesting sitting there by myself being completely surrounded by large groups of families and friends celebrating our country's independence, as the boys ran around and played. The moon was almost full and was shining on the ocean like a spotlight from heaven. There were fireworks all around me with lots of laughter and conversation as background music. I found myself soaking it all in with a resounding feeling deep in my gut.

It is well with my soul.

A situation that could easily prove itself to be lonely, was instead one of the sweetest times I had with God. Fireworks were going off much like I believe they do in heaven when another soul is won and God has worked miracles in someone's life. I believe that there have been some fireworks lately in our honor. We did get a new job, but more importantly we learned that God's promises are true when you let go of your own expectations and plunge into a life of faith and trust in Him.

I could go on and on, but would love for the pictures to do the talking instead.

Scot surprised me on the beach with the news of his new job and a bottle of champagne. It was a sweet moment and I was glad to share it with friends!

G and N working on an incredible sand castle with new friends.

My friend Michelle and I.....she is the one that made the vacation possible! Thank you Michelle for opening up your home to us!

Loving on the dogs! Everyday at 4:00 we went for a "wienie walk". I think the kids loved that more than the dogs did.


  1. What a wonderful time, Keri! I can totally see you at peace with life, with God, with your family...how wonderful and blessed you are to have been able to take that trip. One that you will likely remember forever.

    We are contemplating a vacation ourselves. We have 2 weeks before another Herceptin treatment in STL and Jack has about a week that we can do something. "Something" seems to be harder than we thought! We have talked w/ our travel agent and have investigated cruises, island resorts, and roadtrips. However, nothing is jumping out at us right now...and time is running out. I put a vacay on my prayer list this morning...don't laugh!...not WHERE should we go, but IF we should go. I keep coming back to our mounting dr bills, turns out chemotherapy is mega-expensive!! lol Jack says that they will be here when we get back but I just don't know if spending $$ on a trip is the best thing right now. Plus I have a little anxiety about going somewhere too far...what if something happens and I need a dr, or a prescription?? Unlikely, yes, but these are the thoughts running through my Type-A head! But I know, too, that a family vacation may be just what the dr ordered right now...it's been a long, long 10 months, today actually, since this journey began. It would be nice to do something relatively normal! Sorry to have written a novel here in your comment section! I am SO GLAD that you all had a wonderful time and came back refreshed! The pics are fantastic!! I hope Scot is doing well in China. And Miss Grace is just precious!! Love ya friend!

    I tell ya, a roadtrip to TX sounds perfect!

  2. We took a cue from you and are heading to the beach in a few weeks from some quiet-no-committments-nothing-to-do-but-relax time. Can't wait. Cella may be bored out of her mind, but she'll have to get over it... :-) You needed the rest, Keri, and I'm glad you got it. And after this week, sounds like you might be ready to go back! Hope you all are hanging in there. Is Grace keeping you up at night?




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