May 13, 2009

This and That

Some quickie updates on family stuff......

You may remember this post about stuff G was going through this past fall at school.  I am very happy to report that the school could not have handled the situation any better.  It has still been a tough year for several reasons, but the bullying did come to an end.  Thank you Jesus, I can go up to the school and not have an overwhelming desire to ring some 10 year old necks.  It is still our prayer that God will make a way for G to go to a different school in the Fall.  He has visited and wants to go, I want him to go, even more amazing.....Scot wants him to go.  Scot is not an enormous fan of private Christian schools for very valid reasons.  We are now in a holding pattern waiting for God to provide a way to make it happen.  N would stay at the public school because he is honestly thriving there and we can't justify making a change.  It would make life challenging on me, but honestly?  You get one shot with these kids so any sacrifice to my schedule is worth it.

You may remember this post.........again with G.  He did go back for a hearing test and has only a minor loss in that ear.  Nothing we are very worried about.  He goes in for a MRI in June to see if any of the mass is remaining and/or has grown back.  We are praying the doctor got it all the first time around so we don't have to have a repeat of sportin' a jock strap on the head.......cuz that was all kinds of fun!

A VERY cool picture of the titanium that has replaced the 2 bones that were removed
from his inner ear.  I apologize to any of you who are squeamish, but I couldn't reist!

A picture of N since he isn't getting much written about him today.

And, this post.  Scot had a 2nd interview last week with a company.  If they are going to offer him a job, it will happen sometime this week.  He also had another interview on Monday with a different company - 2nd interview next week.  Best case scenario?  He will get to choose between 2 jobs, but we'll have to see.  Scot has been doing really well.  No marathon MASH reruns, little to no moping around.  It has been 11 weeks and it has honestly gone by pretty quickly.  The boys absolutely LOVE having their dad around and if it wasn't for a little thing like finances, we would all unanimously vote for him to stay home forever.  

Taking my Grandmother out to see Blue Bonnets for the first time!

For those of you that I know have been losing sleep wondering about this little girl........I'm happy to report that she has been adopted by a family with 5 kids that are all homeschooled.  I did get a little choked up saying good bye to her, but I could not be happier about how the story ended.  That is one lucky dog!!

I am now going to go upstairs and face the disaster that awaits me in the boy's rooms and bathroom.  I have been ignoring it for......well......11 weeks now and it is beyond horrible and disgusting.  I found myself with a morning at home and am forcing myself to deal with it.  If you never hear from me again, there's a good chance they'll one day find my body in all the rubble in G's room.  For a fleeting moment I thought about taking before and after pictures.  Honestly?  As much as I love the whole transparency thing, I just couldn't do it.  


  1. Nice 'medical' photo!!!

    Sounds like things are really looking up....maybe the clouds are finally rolling away from this storm?


  2. So glad to hear that G is doing well! I am praying that the MRI will show that there is indeed no regrowth. Love the pic of N, although as a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, I cringed at his attire! LOL He looks so cute, though! What a doll.

    Sounds like God is completely sustaining you and your family during the last 11 weeks. I'm sure the boys love having Scot at home. God has turned what could have been a devastating and depressing situation into a quick detour from the ordinary and made it all work just beautifully. And He has a perfect job already in line for Scot.

    You made me laugh out loud describing the boys' rooms and bathrooms! That is exactly how I feel about my boys rooms. The last time it was so bad, I had my mom and both sisters over to help me tackle the 3rd floor because I just couldn't imagine going up there to do it by myself! It.was.bad. And it had been, oh gosh I don't even know how long, since I had been up there to clean them. Baaaaaadddd! So go with God, Keri, I will say a prayer for your safe return. LOL

  3. I tackled my boys room yesterday - it was scary! Will be praying for guidance for the jobs. He has definitely provided for you all!The pic was awesome! Too cool! Have a great weekend. Thanks for your prayers. Please keep it up- we still need it.

  4. Okay, now that I've had a quick vomit thanks to the titanium picture... I love your This and That post and feel like we've had a good catch-up chat. Can't believe your Grandma had never seen Blue Bonnets! Praying for you and Scot and thanking God that there is a right place for him -- so glad you all have had this time together. In a down economy, it's amazing how many people have found themselves "rich" with family time. What a gift. Love you and will miss you this weekend (really excited to see Lisa!) xoxo



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