May 20, 2009

Heaven Help Me

Because my 8 year old got very little air time a couple of posts ago, I thought I'd pay tribute to him for a moment.  

We call him our frat boy..........he LOVES a party, is very social, and has a crazy sense of humor. A week ago we were waiting for a table at our fav restaurant, Chuys, and N was braiding my hair.  Scot looked at him and said:

How do you know how to braid hair?

Without pause N replied:

Dad, I know a LOT of girls.

Heaven help me!

Some of my favorite pics of N from this year.  Taking a picture of him where
he has not thrown out a "Peace out" sign or dropped to the 
ground for an "America's Next Top Model" pose, is challenging.

At camp this past summer, and yes, the poor child in red does not seem to 
be having a very good time!

Me and my boy.  I love every freckle that dots his nose!

The morning after a Ripstick accident.  We already had a doctor's visit scheduled
so it worked out well for us.  He LOVED the attention his injuries gave him.


  1. You and me both sister...... Hunter is already a hopeless romantic and he is only in the 2nd grade. I am going to get old and grey fast.

    Looking forward to seeing you....

  2. OMGoodness! Your "N" and my Zachary sound like they could be one in the same! Zachary is quite the ladies' man, he switches "girlfriends" every couple of days...he is the life of the party always, dancing is he specialty, he's got the best moves...and he is a little sports-nut, basketball, baseball, whatever. And he is so laid back and carefree, I love this about him. But when evening comes, he is also ready to snuggle up with mom and dad and get some lovins! (That's my favorite part of the day!)

    Gotta love these boys!!

  3. I love his personality -- makes me laugh! You have two fine boys, Keri! (What do you think about arranged marriages for the kids?!)

  4. Most pics of my little men involve an attempt to strike pose and throw down a sign. Think these photos are signs of things to come in my life. I will be praying for us both! rhonda

  5. Keri! He is a cute guy (is that ok to call him "cute" at his age?)! Looks like you have 2 great sons! Makes me excited to have 2 little boys in my life too.

    Hope you are doing well! Have a wonderful week.




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