March 01, 2010

Discarded Spoons

Yesterday found the boys and I with an unexpected lunch date. Scot left after church to drive to San Antonio to be with his Grandmother after a recent fall resulted in a broken hip. I was already settled into my "after church clothes" when I got a text from a wonderful friend wanting the boys and I to have lunch with her and her 13 year old daughter.

It took me 5 min to change, round up the boys and head out. My sister joined us and we were a rowdy table of 6. The 13 year old was sitting next to my 11 year old and was trying very hard to not gag as Garrett worked his way through a pound of crawfish. Nathan was bitterly disappointed when the fruit he ordered on the side turned out to be fruit cocktail and not a selection of fresh berries like he had invisioned. My only complaint with lunch was finding a slice of pear in my salad that still had the sticker on it from the store. I will take a sticker over a hair any day of the week.

When lunch was over and we were daydreaming about Sunday afternoon naps, we got a wild idea that it would be fun to head over to a local ice cream store. I happened to have gift cards that would treat us all so off we went. We were in line for quite awhile and when it was finally our turn, it was organized mayhem as 6 of us were trying different flavors, ordering fancy concoctions, and trying to decide between cups and waffle cones.

I was still debating my options when the sweet 13 year old offered me a taste of her Birthday Cake Remix yumminess. I immediately agreed and she grabbed one of those little tester spoons and gave me a bite. She had already offered my sister one and Lisa was licking every single drop off her spoon. It was delish!

I finished my taste and dropped my tiny spoon in the container for dirty spoons and turned to find the 13 year old staring at me in horror.

Is that where you put the dirty spoons?

Yes........why? It took me half a second to realize what had happened. She had grabbed our taster spoons out of the dirty spoon container. Lisa was still sucking on her spoon and I was seconds away from squirting GermEx right into my mouth.

I have to admit, I would take a dirty spoon over a hair any day of the week too.


  1. Somehow as I read this...I just knew you were going to say that......AHHHHHH!!!!!


  2. Sorry Keri, but I am laughing out loud! That is so gross and I'm so glad it was you and not me! I love you!

  3. I found that absolutely hilarious!!! Although, if it were me, I totally would have put GermX in my mouth!!! :)

  4. i'm in total agreement with your dirty spoon over hair comment! :)

    great talking to you!!! :)

  5. I've just made a resolution to NEVER sample anything again!

  6. I read this after you first posted it and got a good laugh. I was just sitting in the office with Heath reading your latest post and decided to read it to him. I think I just made his day! He is thoroughly grossed out and laughing hysterically!



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