February 27, 2010

Cleaning House

Stepping out the door every morning follows a frantic dash around the house to check for beds that are made, toilet seats down, dishes put away, toothpaste removed from the sink, and clothes put in the closet. It adds an easy 15 minutes to my morning, but it feels so good to know that my home is clean and in order. I walk in at the end of a busy day to an organized and spotless home and it makes me feel lighter.

When I spend daily time with God, I feel the exact same way. There's a few items here and there that need to be confessed, forgiven, talked about......put away, but I get to move about my day feeling spotless and whole. If I let too much time go by, stuff gets cluttered up and out of control and seems too overwhelming of a task to tackle. So I don't deal with it.......until something happens that forces me to deal with it.

In the past several years I have become much better at making my alone time with God a priority. It has made an enormous difference in my life. But, I'm not perfect, and days can slip by without my knees hitting the floor. The weight of the world quickly comes back and takes up residence on my shoulders........as quickly as closets become messy, papers pile up, and floors become a biohazard. I get frustrated and irritated - taking my frustrations out on people I love when God is waiting right there with a dust rag in His hand, holding it out to me and saying, "Let's get to work".


  1. I found your blog through LPM. :)
    I’ve been on this roller coaster, for the past two weeks, myself. I would truly prefer to [daily] prioritize my alone time with God, but have realized that when i don't: it's no huge surprise that "things" can heat up enough to cause me to seek it first… and last… and every few hours, or so. ;)

  2. Take the giraffe to Singapore!! :) I would love to hear how you decide which things to take/give away/trash/store. Can't wait to follow your blog while you're in Singapore!

  3. Thanks for this great reminder. Your blog is always and encouragement to me. Thanks for sharing!



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