February 18, 2010

Falling from the sky

Beware!! This is a completely random post. Consider it a training excercise for the myriad of random posts that will flood my blog when we move. And believe me, there will be many!

About 2 years ago I left the house for an afternoon while some sweet ladies cleaned the house. I came home to news that a blade from our family room ceiling fan had just fallen off. It wasn't being cleaned (it is easily 15 feet off the ground), it just mysteriously set one of the blades free. I found that to be very odd.

Two weeks ago, the very same thing happened. Another blade from the ceiling fan got tired of the meaningless spinning and leaped to its death. Again I wasn't here and again I had dear friends in the house doing some cleaning for me. I began to wonder if the blades took advantage of my absence, afraid that I would practice my "Don't Jump......You Have So Much To Spin For" speech.

As ultra modern as our fan now looks, we needed to replace the blades......may they rest in peace. Fortunately we have a painter coming to the house today with one of those super huge ladders. I am hoping he wouldn't mind fixing the fan and maybe retrieving this little guy from his perch of over 2 years.


  1. Hmmm... strange... as if they are collaborating while you're gone... I hope no one has been hit in the process?

  2. Random- we have toys in weird places too! And only when we sell the house will we put forth the effort to retrieve them......

    Hope you are well!


  3. We have a Nerf suction dart that has been stuck to our skylight since we moved in. It's clung through heat and cold and jarring hail. I believe it's sort of one with the house. But the ceiling fan blade thing is beyond weird. Whoa.....Do NOT turn that thing on. It might decide to let it all go if any more than hanging there is asked of it!



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