February 23, 2010

Trash Talking

The sign went up in front of the house on Thursday, but today is officially the first day we are open for showings.

Chirp, chirp..........chirp, chirp

There has most certainly not been a mad dash, but I am working very hard at not worrying about that. Instead I spend a lot of time praying for the sweet family that will eventually move into my home.

In the process of getting ready to sell the house, I have cleaned out many closets and drawers and thrown a TON of stuff away. Like the Pack 'n Play that I was holding onto for a just-in-case scenario. And then there were the 8 Min Abs, Legs, and Buns VHS tapes I threw out along with a pasta bowl I've had since we got married that has a ginormous crack in it.

I did happen upon a real treasure. Apparently I was throwing out some beloved toothbrushes a year or so ago and was consequently the recipient of this note from Garrett:

In case you can't decipher the writing it says, "No more trashing me and Nathan's tooth brush Mommy. Me and Nathan love our tooth brush."

For the record, I have never, ever forced them to share a toothbrush. I'm just assuming he hadn't learned plural nouns in school quite yet when he wrote this. I also can't remember the last time either one of them has called me "Mommy".

I absolutely love treasures like this one......I'll take this over firm Abs, Legs, and Buns any day of the week!


  1. How funny! And sweet that he was taking up for brother:)

  2. No kidding! That is precious! Definitely better than firm abs and butt. :-)

    Best of luck with selling the house...I think?!

  3. LOVE it!! My hubby doesn't understand why I save precious notes like this. Well, it's for this exact reason! What a great treasure!

    Saying a prayer for your family and praying for the best with the selling of your home!

  4. A note my mom keeps on our refrigerator from me: -Mom- I'm in the doghouse!

    Apparantly, I used to pretend it was my fort and didn't want her to worry about where I was.

  5. That is precious. I love it. And you THINK they weren't sharing a toothbrush....:)



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