March 25, 2010

Stop Growing!!

We got home from Spring Break very late Sunday night. Because of that, I let both of the boys sleep in a little on Monday and just took them to school late.

On my way to Garrett's school after dropping Nathan off, I got a phone call from a good friend asking about lunch plans. I promptly went through my day's commitments including a visit to my good friend, Carlene, for "chin whisker burning" as I fondly refer to it now.

The phone call ended with a promise to meet for lunch after my few moments of torture when I heard a small voice from the backseat.......

Your getting your chin whiskers burned off?

Oops.......a brief lapse in judgment resulting in my forgetting to speak in grown-up code to my friend and now another piece of Garrett's innocence was being chipped away and I was left holding the tools.

I wasn't sure what to start with. Addressing the chin whiskers or the fact that I was voluntarily getting them burned off. I jumped in with a discussion about women getting older and chin soon as I uttered the word "hormones", he put a very decisive end to the conversation telling me he "didn't want to know any more".

I don't blame you buddy.

That visit marked the 5th trip to see Carlene of "I will burn them and ze will die" notoriety. I told her that I was a tad frustrated with the smattering of whiskers that were still growing. She looked at me and said,

It is because you are ALIVE!

Really? Because I thought I had paid to make "zem all die" so why are some still growing?

She looked at me again and said,

There is only one other thing I can do.

Great!! Let's do it PRONTITO, por favor.

She leaned over and got about one inch away from me and proceeded to yell at my chin...


Then she stood up and proceeded to don her safety goggles, turn on her laser, and grin a little wider with every sizzle of a chin hair losing its life.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I love this woman because she seriously loves her job and feels like her days on the whisker battlefield aren't over until the aroma of burnt hair fills every one of her treatment room.

Viva la Carlene!


  1. I honestly can not even imagine! I still can not get HH on board for an at home treatment;)

  2. Well... that beats the um.... birds and bees talk I had with my nine year old the other night.

    telling him about his own body parts and functions and maybe even mishaps to not be alarmed at.

    That proceeded to then go in explaining how boy body part and girls body parts "do" to um, make a baby....

    I want to say to him STOP GROWING!!!!!



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