March 08, 2010

A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

As the boys get older and more independent, there are certain boundaries that are naturally changed. They are now allowed to go around the block if they are with another kid instead of only being allowed between the Cox's and the McDaniel's driveways. They are allowed to go to the Men's bathroom alone in certain situations. They are given money to order food for themselves at restaurants.

The reality is that I don't know what they say or do every second of the day like I used to. One incredible piece of advice I was given was to pray that they "would be caught in their sin". So I do and they are busted all the time.

Last Thursday I had lunch with Nathan at school. A sweet boy that we've known for years came up to me.

"Mrs. Jenkins? I want you to know that the last time I was at your house, Garrett was using bad words."

I of course asked which words those were and he told me Garrett used the "A" word and the "H" word.

I thanked him and he went on his merry way. That afternoon I verified the story with another friend and found out that both boys (actually all the boys but thank goodness I am only responsible for 2) were saying things like "Helllllllllllllen Keller" and "Asssssssssstronaut". There was more, all of it dancing around the actual words.

It did make me laugh, on the inside, but the intent was there. A perfect time for a lesson.

We have discussed with the boys many times that bad words, not just cuss words but any words that are teasing or demeaning, should taste bitter coming out of their mouths. To emphasize this point, both boys were given 1 tsp of vinegar to drink as a consequence for their choice of words.

One gagged.
One cried.

Two boys were left with a lasting impression that they are still talking about days later.

I'm thinking maybe I should start off each day with a teaspoon or two myself.........


  1. I have a couple of boys who may not like Mrs. Keri for posting this in years to come. Great solution, and we could all do with a teaspoon ourselves:)

  2. Sounds like a great idea for smart mouth little girls too! I may have to use this one.

  3. Wow- great lesson Keri- one that I will use if needed (I hope not).....


  4. I really wish you had hidden a video camera for that one. I can only imagine their faces. Very creative and very effective! Funny story -- we were playing scrabble with Cella the other night, and she played the word "A-S-S" and then looked at us to see our response. Then she announced, "Like the Goat, not the bad kind!" :-) (I didn't even know what the "bad kind" was at her age! How times change...)

  5. I used this when my boys were young. I passed on the tip to a friend of mine who used it on her little boy. He went to school the next day and told the teacher his Mommy made him drink alcohol! There was a teacher conference called. My friend nearly killed me!

  6. I LOVE it! I have used it a time or too. The greatest was when all I had was red wine vinegar....that stuff is NASTY and effective! Glad I stumbled upon your blog!!!

  7. WRITE A BOOK!!!!! And I'll manage your bookings/signings and appearances!!! :) Not to be famous or anything Keri, but because you are so talented, thought provoking, sincere and truly gifted!!! (But if a lucrative job appeared for me, I wouldn't complain!! Haha!). Seriously, amazing writing!!



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