January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

**Well, this ought to teach me to not use the same password for every single thing. I had no idea my sister had hijacked my blog until I received an email with a comment.....which confused me to no end since the last post I wrote had to do with Singapore, not with birthdays.

After a mini-showdown at dinner when I told my sister I was not going to publish any of the comments because it seemed self-indulgent, she finally convinced me to. That being said, I feel very loved today which is extra sweet after my drama in the last day or two. Thank you, Lisa, for your very kind words. I most certainly do not feel deserving of the comments you made - you have given me something to strive for in life! I love you. **

Me and Garrett at Chuys!

So happy my Grandmother celebrated my birthday with me this year!

I hope you all don't mind if I hijack Keri's Blog for a moment. I'm her sister, Lisa, and I want you all to know that today is Keri's birthday. As you know, Keri will post a special blog on the day of her husband's or son's or dear friends birthday and write something so incredibly sweet that it makes us all cry. Even if we don't know who she is talking about. I figured that it would not be right to let her birthday go by without the same kind of love shown to her.

I could go on and on about how much I love her, what she means to me, the various ways she has inspired me, the kind of role model she has been, how she has demonstrated to me how to live life as a Godly woman, what the true meaning of 'friend' really is and how she has taught me how to love people. I could write a list of .......... things that I love about her but I'm not about to give away something so sacred as her age. I know better. So I have a better idea.

As a gift to her, I am asking that you respond to this post with why you love her and/or what her friendship has meant to you. This is not a goodbye kind of thing...we are not thinking about the "S" word. This is simply a way for you to love on her and wish her a happy birthday.

With that, I leave the rest up to you. Enjoy, have fun with it, and with a sincere heart I want to thank each of you for loving my sister so well.

Happy Birthday, Keri!


  1. Lisa...you are a super sweet sister (good S words!) Keri...I am blessed to know you. I thank God that you and Sarah's paths crossed and ya'll became such good "football friends." I am blessed to call you a friend.

  2. What to say? What to say? Where would I start and how could I end? I don't have the words and I am never speechless. She knows. She HAS to know because I tell her all of the time and stinking cry when the S word comes up. I love her for all that she is and all that she is to me. I love her because she so totally loves me... just the way I am. She is unconditional love.

  3. Over the past year and the blog world, she has become so very dear to me. And to finally get to meet her face to face this past weekend, well, I was crying before she even got there. She has been a cheerleader in my corner every step of the way, for the very moment we first commented back and forth. I honestly cannot imagine going through my week without talking to her a few times, via blog or faceboook or email. She is my loved, cherished and prescious sister in Christ and my friend. I am grateful to God for bringing us together.

  4. Ah, my fabulous sister....
    there are never enough words to describe the way Keri wraps up her friends and carries them along on her own personal journeys. I greatly admire her unending love and patience with people around her. I love how she will do everything within her power to be the most fantastic mom on the planet. I love how through the rough days and the fun days her primary goal is to figure out how to love God better. I love the way she adores me and helps me to take an honest look at myself. She is a woman I am priveleged to call my sister.

  5. Happy birthday Keri!! It was such a blessing to meet you this weekend. Hope you had a blessed day!!

  6. Keri! We don't know each other very well, but I am proud to call you my friend. I absolutely love your blog and I click on it at least once a week anticipating a new post!! I Love your personality, the way you LOVE your family, LOVE that you're such a devoted wife, mother and child of God. I'm sooo going to miss you when you leave, but I'll love saying that I now have a friend in Singapore!

    Love, Cassandra

  7. After 20 years, we "found" each other again on the World Wide Web -- only to find out we live about 30 minutes apart!! Still haven't let life slow down enough to get together; however, I LOVE reading your blog and getting to "know" you again. You are an amazing person and God has richly blessed you. I am sad you are moving -- we HAVE to get together at least once before you leave!! -- but I am also excited to see and read about your life in "S"!!! Hope your birthday was amazing!

  8. Sweet Keri, hope you had a great birthday and that you are so excited about what this year has waiting for you! There are just about a thousand things on my “why I love Keri and want to be like her" list, but the thing that tops it all is that you expose your life. You expose your life, your love for other people, your challenges, who you are, what you want to be – you expose it all. You’re like those cabinets in a kitchen with no doors, where right when someone walks in, they see the “real you” and immediately feel comfortable. You live life out in the open. From where I sit, it’s usually pretty, color-coordinated, and organized, but occasionally there’s a glass or bowl out of place, and you let those things stay out in the open as well… You don’t hide who you are, and you don’t make people earn the privilege of knowing you. You open your life, and people in return slowly start opening their cabinet doors to reveal who they are.

    You make a difference. You make an impact. You make me laugh. You make people feel better when they’re around you. You challenge people to live life fully. You show women what true friendship looks like. You show people God. And you make great green chile stew. What a gift to call you “friend.”

  9. Happy belated birthday Keri! I know I already told you on FB, I think, but I hope you had a wonderful day. You are such a sweet, genuine, beautiful person and I am so glad I got to meet you. Would you believe I still haven't been to Chuy's yet? I need to get on that!

    Praying for you friend and you are blessed with such a sweet sister!



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