January 07, 2010

In His Forties

Yesterday was Scot's birthday. We both happened to be awake well past midnight the night before and I wished him a happy birthday before falling asleep. With resignation, he told me that he was officially IN his forties. At 42 he felt like he still "just turned 40", but now feels he can no longer throw that disclaimer in when sharing his age.

My first question to him was if he was happy with where he was in life. His response was "yes", and I think that's the best birthday present he could ever give himself. To be happy and content right where he is.

With both boys this year, I did a list of things I loved about them according to the age they now are. I was thinking about that while pounding away unwanted pounds on the stairmaster this morning at the gym. Isn't it only fair that I do that for Scot as well? I have to admit it's somewhat of a daunting task.....not only for me to write, but for any of you to read. 43 is a lot of stuff so here goes:

1. I love that you must have pickles and chips in order to eat a sandwich.
2. I love how the boys imitate the way you say "Dear Jesus" when praying for them.......
3. I LOVE that they have that to imitate at all.
4. I love the color of your eyes.
5. I love how much of the world you have experienced.
6. I love that you win any discussion about the most disgusting thing someone has eaten.
7. I love how well-respected and liked you are by others.
8. I love how you call all 3 of our Grandmothers "young lady" making them blush like a 20 year old.
9. I love how much you love your alma mater......Texas A&M.
10. I also love how much you now tolerate UT to make peace in our home with our Longhorn loving son.
11. I love that you never pretend to be something you're not.
12. I love that you are so generous with my family and your frequent flier miles.
13. I love that you love my sisters.
14. I love that you can seemingly fix any computer issue I have.
15. I love that you respect the way our boys (one in particular) idolize you.
16. I love the way you adore me.
17. I love how you will grab hold of me and pray for us and our boys spontaneously.
18. I love how much you love football.
19. I love that you can quote lines from so many movies.
20. I love listening to you sing.
21. I love how you can see both sides to many political issues and emphasize the importance of that to our kids.
22. I love it when you make breakfast on Saturday mornings.....banana walnut pancakes are my favorite!
23. I love your integrity.
24. I love that you will never let a fight between us escalate (no matter how much I want it to) to a point where we are going to say things we regret.
25. I love that you have no problem apologizing to me.
26. I love that you respect my opinion and listen to my advice.
27. I love how you support all my extra curricular activities and will gently chastise me when I'm in over my head.
28. I love your ambition.
29. I love your car!
30. I love how possessive you are of me as your wife when our boys are being disrespectful toward me.
31. I love the way you make me feel like I can do anything and succeed.
32. I love that you don't "require" a hot meal every night for dinner!
33. I love how eclectic your taste in music is......I never know if it's going to be Le Miserables, ZZ Top, or The Beatles playing in your car!
34. I love your head full of useless knowledge.
35. I love how particular you are about your hair.
36. I love the effort you take to make sure our boys know there is a world much bigger than the one they currently live in.
37. I love your very cute rear end!
38. I love how irritated you are going to be about #37.
39. I love that you don't care if the house is a mess.
40. I love it when you are laughing about something gross.....your shoulders shake and your face turns red....I love it!
41. I love that it matters to you to keep in touch with old friends of yours.
42. I love that you can make me laugh more than anyone else I know.
43. I love that you are the man I get to spend the rest of my days with!

I love you, Scot, and celebrate every birthday of yours thankful that God put you on this earth.



  1. Whew! Good job! Maybe I should do one before mine gets much older.#37 made me blush and I will not be able to meet him without thinking about it. So if I turn shades of red and look away...that's why.

  2. How wonderful. I have never met Scot but he sound perfect for you in every way.

    Happy Birthday Scot!


  3. Awe.... very sweet. And you look 'hot' in that photo mama dearest. Happy New Year.

  4. PERFECT made me cry and laugh....and snort (because its cold) Luv this!

  5. Beautiful post to your husband...love #37 :)

  6. OK, you look fabulous in that picture!! So good! Such a sweet post, happy birthday to your man!

  7. What a wonderful list, Keri! I thought "Is she going to do the same thing for SCOT?! OMGosh! That's a lot of stuff!" LOL Ok, the first things that come to mind is,

    How sweet!


    What a woman!

    I hope Scot realizes what an amazing girl he's married to. (I'm sure he does;-))

    BTW, my favorites are #2 and 3. I pray daily that Jack would find that deep and meaningful relationship with God. xoxo

  8. Loved your post Keri to celebrate your man's birthday! I did that too for my husband...however my list was quite a bit longer! You know we are in our 50's and that's all I'm sayin' about that!!

    And NO I'm so sorry to say I will NOT be able to go to the Scripture Memory Party with Beth! Cause you see.....I'm sad to say I JUST COULD NOT DO IT!!! And believe me - I tried!!. I am the worst "memorizer" I have ever known. Seriously, I cannot even remember the words to most songs and have even been known to mix up several songs into one!! So I worked very diligently memorizing the 1st - hmmm maybe 2 scriptures and then my head was exploding cause I just could not put any more in there! I am always so embarrassed about this and have asked the Lord to give me a "scripture memory mind" so many times. When I share a scripture with a friend as an encouragement...well, let's just say I paraphrase a whole lot!! But I am very very proud of you Keri for having the ability to memorize 24 scriptures!!
    However....I will leave you with this little excitement in my life at this time! I have sent in my deposit and been "approved" that I am going on the volunteer trip to Israel in May. Cause you see... they didn't require any scripture memory for this trip!!!!
    Love you Keri! Wish we could visit on more than our blogs!!

  9. What a great post (Happy-late-birthday, Scot!)! It's been neat to watch you two over the years -- you are so perfectly matched together! I'd love to hear the 30-something things he loves about you for your upcoming birthday! ;-)



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