January 18, 2010


If you know me well at all, you know that I love a good meal. You also know that I have a real aversion to any food items that might be odd. I don't like to eat meat that is still attached to a bone, I have never cooked a whole chicken because taking the skin off and then all the meat completely gags me, and any dish that is swimming in sauce of any kind makes me nervous because you just never know what's in there.

That being said, I happened to have married a man that is all about adventures in eating. He's eaten fried crickets with a french fry shoved up its hiney (no, I had no idea crickets had hineys and no, I have no idea how they do that), eel that was in the tank happy as can be about 30 seconds prior to being eaten by Scot, and some sort of firefly squid that has liquid in it that squirts out when you bite into it......kinda like that gum I used to love when I was a kid.....except nothing like that.

Anyways, I have been trying to have an open mind about food since being here. I can blame our first night's dinner at Tony Romas (which Scot referred to accidentally as Tony Romos, like a good Cowboy fan) on extreme jet lag and hunger.

We went to the East Coast one night with a colleague to eat seafood. It was beautiful there.........sitting right by the water where there are tons of vessels waiting to come into port. Kids were running around in the grass and there were easily a half dozen restaurants with outdoor seating. We decided to let Andre' order for us and this is a sampling of what we had.

The next day Scot asked me if I really liked the meal or was I just being polite. I honestly liked the rice.

On Sunday, after church, we went to a local "wet market" which is like a farmer's market. We met a sweet lady that was intent on having us sample some of the local fruit. It was all very, very good. I had never seen any of it before, but loved every single thing we tried. I look forward to going back there to visit my new friend!

Last night we had dinner with a longtime friend of Scot's and his family. I first met them when I was in Singapore with Scot 14 years ago. We went to one of Scot's very favorite places here in Singapore to get Banana Leaf Curry. I was skeptical. Very, very skeptical. All kinds of things were ordered, many I didn't try, but what I did have was amazing. We ate off of a real banana leaf which is ingenious. I may just have to start copying that idea!

We have gone to a local grocery store, just to look around and I laughed out loud when I saw the Pringles flavors, and then almost wept when I saw the price of milk. I also got into trouble for taking these pictures......after you see how much the milk costs, you'll know why they don't want any pictures taken! It's shameful!!

That's right, $15.60 for a quart of Horizon milk. Guess we'll be trying some Pura Hi-Lo, whatever that is, for $3.55 instead!

Soft Shell Crab flavored Pringles anyone?


  1. Oh my goodness- I can tell you are going to have such an adventure!!!!


  2. The food looks interesting. Did I see some eyeballs on some of it??? I can guarantee you that I would LOOVVVE the rice, too;-) And the banana leaf idea IS cool! Can you substitute those for paper plates?! I don't think we have anything even close around here, I wonder if the kids would eat mac n cheese off a maple leaf? Hmmmmm probably not. Can you say environmentally friendly, though?! I am a HUGE fan of shrimp, but I'm not convinced about the shrimp flavored Pringles. Mail me a can and I'll see... It's amazing how different things are. And after finishing your post, I'm a little concerned for the bone health of you and your family! You may want to take calcium supplements with you;-) That is a cah-razy price for milk!!!
    Love you, friend. I'm praying for God's guidance for you and the family and that all decisions will be clearly laid out for you. It's gonna be quite the experience and life. I so wish we could meet before you leave...it makes me sad that you're going even though we've never met! It kinda feels like we never will now...somehow meeting when you're in Texas and I'm in Missouri seems more feasible than when I'm in Missouri and you're in SINGAPORE!! ;-) I can't tell you what your friendship has meant to me. You are officially going to touch lives all over the world!

  3. mmmm... grilled shrimp pringles. And they disguise it by putting it in a pink container to make it look appealing... I'm proud of how adventurous you are becoming, but note to self: never let Andre order for you again! ;-)

  4. I'm as adventurous as you are cautious with food, but SERIOUSLY....You were not kidding about dropping 20--which you do not have to lose, incidentally. It looks like there's good produce at the FM? Is it equally as insanely expensive? ':-0 I'll be shipping lots of gummies because here they cost less than $20. And I like that you'd need me for something. ;)



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